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Done! free 10gb ulit tayo and 43gb! june 7 2018..till 12pm. update winners

Discussion started by hashtag16, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. 3 accounts of 10.98gb.
    May mga garapal daw kasi na hinuhulaan ang pass kaya yung nabgyan kahapon nalocked ang account. Haha

    1 winner of 43gb.

    Comment ulit 1 to 100.
    Valid po kung sino yung unang number na nagcomment kaya ugaliin magbackread

    Changes done yung unang number po priority. Thanks
    21 limmar = 10.98gb
    81 phc mindfreak18 =10.98gb
    90 fahil wala dun sa nagupdate list ko ibbgay SHIT IS BURNING = 10.98gb
    Pm kau sakin para sa email at pass

    Next un 43gb
    65 = 43gb se7en17
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
  2. 26 boss, sana palarin ako.
    juswincrismay2016 _- likes this.
  3. sXc

    sXc Eternal Poster Established

  4. 15 paps. Thanks in advance
    juswincrismay2016 _- likes this.
  5. hahahahaha ayun lang po.. 38 sana
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  6. Limmar

    Limmar Honorary Poster Established

  7. mohaina

    mohaina Honorary Poster Established

  8. lexar

    lexar Honorary Poster Established

  9. XlawX

    XlawX Addict Established

  10. huishipai

    huishipai Addict Established

  11. no sana no life

    no sana no life Addict Established

  12. bataboss

    bataboss Eternal Poster Established

    Count me in, lucky 29.
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  13. betsak21

    betsak21 Enthusiast Established

  14. _Mj_

    _Mj_ Addict Established

  15. loydfabian

    loydfabian Enthusiast Established

  16. netify808

    netify808 Forum Veteran Established

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