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Apple Wants To Track Users Indoors With WiFiSLAM Mapping

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Apr 18, 2013
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In an effort to improve their troubled Maps application, Apple has announced their acquisition of indoor location company WifiSLAM. Using available nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, WifiSLAM is able to accurately determine a user’s location indoors. This technology is particularly useful in shopping malls or other large buildings.

It’s been suggested that Apple will use this technology to help them compete against other mapping applications, specifically Google. WifiSLAM has a few ties with Google; a former Google software engineering intern, Joseph Huang, is one of the company’s cofounders. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google employee Don Dodge is also listed as one of WifiSLAM’s angel investors.

Though neither of the companies have released any financial details, one person familiar with the matter told the Journal that Apple paid an estimated $20 million for the startup company. An Apple spokesperson later confirmed the deal, but only said that the Cupertino company “buys smaller technology companies from time to time.” See more... You must register or login to view this.
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