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Smart Tutorial VPN Smart no load/ gtm gswitch openvpn config(for android and ios)

Discussion started by tacome9, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. tacome9

    tacome9 Honorary Poster Established

    Eto na po para sa mga nag-aantay at nag-aabang ng config para sa OpenVPN Connect app, especially dun sa mga mayayaman daw na nakaiphone pero nakafree net lang, haha no hate to you guys, i also have one. I love you All !
    THIS WORKS ON LUZON AREA ONLY ( Smart no load)...

    Here's how:
    1. Go to my servers' account creation panel
    2. Create an account on any of my servers. Whichever you like. (Please refer to my given rules below)
    3. Go to download config button.
    4. Download whichever config you want. Maybe you'll want to download the config that corresponds to whichever server you've created an account earlier.
    4.1 Download niyo na rin smart no load trigger ehi kung sa smart niyo gagamitin
    4.2. Kung naka-ios ka, gamit ka pc para madownload ang config then import it via Itunes to OpenVPN Connect app, or whatever app you may like to import the file to your Ios phone)
    5. Then import it to your OpenVPN Connect app, then enter your username and password, then finally hit connect.
    (5.1. Pwede rin po sa pc niyo yan, download niyo lang open vpn tapos install niyo, tapos lagay niyo lang config sa directory folder ng open vpn tapos same process lang po. Madali nalang alamin yan)

    There you have it.. Enjoy guys.

    IMPORTANT NOTE for smart no load: Connect via Http Injector Ehi Trigger! (for those who can't connect easily)
    ;download nyo muna trigger ehi saka e-start muna sa http injector, pag nakita niyo nang status 403 kahit hindi siya connected, iistop niyo na agad saka pumunta na openvpn connect then iconnect niyo na ovpn config.
    ; sa mga nakaios, hanap kayo paraan na maikonek muna sa injector ang ip address ng kasalukuyang data connection bago niyo gamitin sa app, example may wifi kayo, dapat may android phone kayo na nakakonek sa wifi tapos iistart muna sa injector, tapos iconnect na din nag ios phone sa wifi na yun saka niyo ikonek sa openvpn app.

    Sa uulitin, maraming salamat sa pagtangkilik !!

    Ciao :emoji_blush:

    EXPIRED NA PO ITO BUKAS.. SA UULITIN NAMAN PO. Maraming salamat sa lahat ng tumangkilik.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2018
  2. Mackits

    Mackits Forum Guru Established

    Thank You Po thread starter.
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  3. -Ateh-

    -Ateh- PHC Contributor Established

    Nice meron na for ios thanks
  4. Thanks po sa Share.....:emoji_thumbsup:
  5. tacome9

    tacome9 Honorary Poster Established

    kung sino ka man, mahal din kita. hahahaha
  6. Mackits

    Mackits Forum Guru Established

    :emoji_grin:, thank you tacome.. share more..
  7. tacome9

    tacome9 Honorary Poster Established

    Kayo nalang po magbigay proof for my post, tinatamad na kasi ako. hehe pasiyahin niyo naman po ako.
  8. Thekillerpsycho

    Thekillerpsycho Addict Established

    Salamat po ng marami Master tacome ^_^ sana po magkaroon ng HnH config ng no load salamat po ulit ng marami :emoji_blush: Keep sharing:emoji_clap:
  9. Kram_8

    Kram_8 Honorary Poster Established

    Maraming salamat po dito;)
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  10. bigpanda

    bigpanda Eternal Poster Established

    Salamat boss, try ko po yung config pag naubos na yung promo.
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  11. boss madaling buksan ang ovpn. . secure ba ito boss? baka makatay to.ng maaga
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  12. tacome9

    tacome9 Honorary Poster Established

    katayin nila server ko, gawa ako ulit bago. hehehe
  13. tacome9

    tacome9 Honorary Poster Established

    Read my post po.
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  14. MOTMOT11

    MOTMOT11 Forum Veteran Established

    pasisiyahin kita tara lumapit ka
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  15. Logan06

    Logan06 Forum Veteran Established

    Thanks for sharing
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  16. enkanto

    enkanto Honorary Poster Established

    The best to at may website pa
  17. tacome9

    tacome9 Honorary Poster Established

    Hahaha :emoji_grinning::emoji_grin:
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  18. stinkbug91

    stinkbug91 Addict Established

    try ko to salamat po.,.
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  19. shigeno

    shigeno Eternal Poster Established

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