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Globe & TM Working tm bug as of april 2013

Discussion started by akoSiKevin, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. akoSiKevin

    akoSiKevin Enthusiast Established

    For TM users... ASTIGFB
    input this promo combination to your kaboom app.

    and then touch kaboom..

    after receiving all the txt messages
    dont status kasi d po mgrereply si 8888

    Mag browse and ping po.. if nag ping more than 7 times kahit puro time out bugged kana...

    If you want to have two promo's at the same time let's do the patong trick w/ FUN promo...
    input this promo combination to your kaboom app..


    and touch kaboom..

    after receiving all the txt mssges check if your still can browse and ping...

    then your bugged in a 2 surfing promo's..

    Ung KaboomApp installer ay nndun sa isang kong thread
  2. Icclick pba ung tx ni 2888???
    dpt b timing din ??
  3. akoSiKevin

    akoSiKevin Enthusiast Established

    no nid na sir kelangan connected sa wifi nio ung kaboom para mkapg bug
  4. Working ito ahahahah
  5. Shalamat.........................(y)
  6. akoSiKevin

    akoSiKevin Enthusiast Established

    welcome :Dhehe........ :D
  7. Ilang araw pala itong bug na ito?
  8. akoSiKevin

    akoSiKevin Enthusiast Established

    sir depende kung anung promo pumasok sa inio
  9. Panu ko pala malaman inilagay ko ung mga promo sa kaboom app?
  10. akoSiKevin

    akoSiKevin Enthusiast Established

    i add mo lng sir yan mga yan
  11. Auz na nabug ko na pero di ko alam kung anong promo ung nakuha niya. Pano ko malalaman kung alin ung nagagamit ko ngaun. Kasi nilagay ko lahat nung combination sa may kaboom. Working naman na. Di ko lang alam kung anong gamit kong promo at kung ilang araw siya. Thanks ulit sa post na it. :***:
  12. akoSiKevin

    akoSiKevin Enthusiast Established

    try mo to sir astigfb status o kya fun status ky 8888
  13. mag work kaya ang combi nayan sa ibang buging tool?
  14. San pwiding ma DL ang kabom app. mo tol??
    Link naman Oh.
  15. akoSiKevin

    akoSiKevin Enthusiast Established

    Kaboomv3 gnamet ko jan sir ndi ko lang alam kung ggna sa iba. Ung kaboom app nndun sa isa kong thread
  16. boss san pwede ma dl un app? tagal ko na naghahanap pahirapan. marami na nkakahilo pero di parin mgwork sa akin. at pa tut naman kung paano po gawin . thanks thanks po.
  17. Hindi naman daw ako registered sa 2 un.. pero working naman ung 3g ko :)
  18. Sir link naman sa thread mo sa kabomv3 app. hirap kasi hanapin.
  19. akoSiKevin

    akoSiKevin Enthusiast Established

    You must be logged in to view this content nnjan sir KaboomApp
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  20. You must be logged in to view this content
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