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Java Phone Ragnarok 2 online rpg game[translated]-handler + turbo

Discussion started by mhegz1030, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. share ko lang to sa rpg game addicts. Credits sa site na napagkuhanan ko at sa translators and modders. :thumbsup:


    PVP cool, is really cool! RAGNAROK 2 ONLINE can not only anywhere PVP, specialized arena opened, so you can not just kill, you can also make a name for herself! Arena of RAGNAROK 2 ONLINE is divided into: [2v2, 3v3, 6v6.] You must find a friend of the act in harmony with Arena at the entrance to the establishment of the clan to enter the arena. so you emotionally, and high Level! However, before enter in the enjoyment of the arena, You like PVP, high morale, Hurry to Join!

    Translated by Dance4DGlory:

    [Turbo by[IGN FrostNova]

    [HANDLER by [Strangdawn]


    MAP Created by [IGN FrostNova]
    PD Adeekz

    --STR/Strength: Pampalakas ng MELEE DAMAGE at Pampataas ng DEFFENCE or Pampakunat sa DealtDamage ng Monster or Players.
    --AGI/Agility: Pampalakas ng ATTACK SPEED RATE per SLASH pampadagdag din ito sa DODGE RATE na malaki ang chance na mag MISS HIT ang Monster or Player.
    --CON/Concentrate: Pampataas ito ng LIFE/HP at Dealt Damage ng Magic Attack Users like Wizards.
    --INT/Intelligence: Pampataas itong MANA RATE ng MAGIC USERS at Bawas consume ng MANA kada MAGIC ATTACK sa Monster or Player.


    Knight Samurai advantage of the melee,vitality, skilled melee skills! The following are

    [The Impact of Anger Cut] close to the target from a distance through the sprint, give opponents a powerful blow

    [Suijin Surgery] state skills, take the initiative to cast when the cast after the enemy physical attacks reduced, sustained several seconds

    [Rebound of Attack] the chance tocause each other harm to give a certain percentage of the rebound, as the state skills, and timeliness.

    [Bounty Attack] attack the other side, the other side to reduce thenumber of certain HP yourself how much additional HP. Consume a large amount of the MP; enhance the level of attack power increases, longer cooling time


    Wizard specializes in long-range attacks, a wide variety of spells, attacking both enormous destructive power, is also widely used type of gain. The team often acts as a spiritual leader, ina huge battle damage output while ensuring the safety of the members of the team! The following are

    [Quick Treatment] restore the target value of life Deeply blessing: the value of life so that all team members aroundthemselves exhausted all mana

    [Creatures Guiyuan] the resurrection of life, with the levelof promotion restore the amount of hp / mp.

    [Frost Ward] frozen emit the magic formation of ice, making contact with the moving target can not

    [Flame Gun] fireball cohesion grow gun-like flame, to make contact with the target body to burn up in the distance to the local combat.

    [Burst Hell] cast flares cause high fever and cause a range of effects of the explosion hit the target, and make contact with the target body to burn up.


    Assassin is a secretive occupation, they are elusive, good facilities unique offerings secret operation. They can stealth to sneak into the opponents behind to give a fatal blow, can cast all kinds of skills so that the opponent can not move, and given the persistent injury. The following are

    [Hidden] hide themselves, so that the other can not perceive sneaking goal to give the fatal blow.

    [Spider Silk] the spider silk tied to each other, so that the other can not be moved, consume mana, timeliness

    [Destruction Skills] attack each other, a period of time to seal their skills consume mana, timeliness.
    Death Hug: reduce each other's largest HP assassination skills.

    WATCH THIS VIDEO :thumbsup:

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  3. Ok na :thumbsup: Please Hit Like.
  4. sir wala n bang gagalawin dito ?? ung gaya sa moded my front query pa/..
  5. sir pag hindi handler dapat yata nakabug ka or nakareg sa surfing promo ng globe. Testingin ko pa yung handler. :D
  6. puro zip pala yan kala ko my jar ^^..
  7. puro zip pala yan kala ko my jar ^^...............
  8. jar po yan, rename nyo lang po to .jar
  9. Ah pd b un. cge salamat ^^. Xncia kna nagdouble mess. nka mobile lang kc aq eh ..
  10. mhegz,ayaw po mag register nya,d po ako nakabug,anu po gagawin ko?patulong naman,gus2 ko pa nman yang rpg mu sir, I LOVE RPG games.
  11. sir mhegz,kahit anu po gawin ko ayaw po nya maka log in sir e,anu po ba gagawin ko? Globe prepaid po gamit ko,pero d ako naka surf.
  12. dapat boss nakabug ka or registered sa promos nila like superfb.. Yung handler nyan natry ko na ayaw gumana.. Yung mgc kasi na %40 not working eh..sa freezone trick ayaw din, no choice tayo..magpabug ka nalang dyan..
  13. d po ako marunong mag pa bug sir e,na try ko na mag pa bug pero ayaw parin,
  14. sir mhegz,gumagana po ung freezone na trick ,pag log in ko gamit ung freezone,pumasok sya,pero pagka raan ng ilang minuto nawala na ung connection at may na sabi sa screen na,the sytem detects that ur in onnline.
  15. wla bang full english ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  16. mam wla po ba pangtouchscreen??
  17. Gumagana pa po ba to? ndi po kc aq mkc0nect na eh, lgeng 'the server is n0t resp0nding 4 l0ng time' gus2 q na ulet mag ol eh. btw aq si Ph-JudeMz
  18. Paano po b i'download?
  19. Paano po b i'download?
  20. Paano po b i'download?
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