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Load häçk! free load on sun! (try it now)

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La Freak

Support Team
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Support Team
Jan 16, 2013
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Want to get free load by simply texting simple codes and referring it to


Here's how. Follow these simple instructions

1.Type the code 2AJAAT then send to 2600

2.Wait for the confirmation that you won 10 pesos load

3.Share to your friends the code that you received and every one who uses the code that you

gave will get will have 10 pesos load and you as well will get 10 pesos load because you're the one

who referred the code.

4.After 3 days you need to deactivate your subscription so you will not lose 15 pesos of your load.
Type FREE OFF then send to 2600.

5.After unsubscribing, subscribe again and that's it keep repeating the steps to get more load


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