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Drop call from globe? (here are the explanation)

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Jan 16, 2013
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Why Do We Experienced Call Problems? Call Cutters By Globe Telecom Explained.

Calls nowadays are very important -- it is part of our individual lives. It connects both individuals for the purpose of achieving its goal, probably for the business transactions or simply to greet HIs and HELLOs. However, no one is exempted for various call problems. And sometimes the awkward moment when we need it most, then suddenly a problem aroused. Now, do you know why it has some call problems? Take a good glance with this video hosted by Bianca Gonzales. The video explains why there are some interference during calls, how subscribers connect to another user and how a end-users drop calls.

With this video, you will know how exactly a call problem occurs, how a subscribers drop calls, and how calls get connected from subscriber to another. Of course, nothing is perfect. Indeed, this video is very informative. Try to Watch it! Its 3:58 mins only.
Key notes: BTS Base is Important

BTS Base Station is really important since they control the signal in the area. Now, if something bad happen like fluctuates or has a weaker signals, then it might be due to interference cause by those îllégâl repeaters. Those people who constantly put up to improve their signal in their area. Also with these wireless adapters and antennas it collide to the signal in which it greatly affects to end users.
îllégâl Repeaters who use to put up constantly to increase its signal in that area.

You Can Watch I Here :​

This Information Can Also Be Found In Here : You must register or login to view this.​
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