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Phcorner new features / bug fixes / maintenance

Discussion started by Draft, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Amongst the bug fixes, there are several minor security improvements:

    • Images are checked for certain content to ensure that the image does not contain code that could be executed.
    • Now mitigates clickjacking attacks using X-Frame-Options.
    • Server error logs now more aggressively filter out passwords before logging.

    Feature Improvements
    • Stronger spam prevention
    • Ability to see if there are any registrations that need to be approved from the moderator bar
    • Spam cleaning a user will automatically close any pending reports for their content
    • Read only access to registration date and last activity on profiles in the admin side
    • Item count support for navigation tabs
    Bug Fixes
    • No more blank pages when rebuilding templates
    • Improved PHP 5.4/5.5 compatibility
    • User group changes can be orphaned, leading to situations where automatic group changes fail
    • CSS arrows do not display nicely in Firefox in some situations
    • Added phrases used by the rating template
    • Incorrect/inconsistent CSS parsing for style properties
    • Improved handling of unknown CSS constructs for style properties
    • User confirmation records not pruned
    • Adjusted the Skype custom field to support Windows Live addresses (since they merged)
    • Conversation recipient_counts being changed in incorrect scenarios
    • Improved HTML parsing in RSS feed imports
    • Improved performance in calculating banned/discouraged IPs
    • Spam cleaner did not work correctly when used multiple times without reloading
    • Spam cleaner did not delete soft deleted posts
    • Performance improvements updating thread/attachment view counts
    • Improved performance when loading the style property editor
    • Required profile fields may be able to be skipped on registration
  2. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    cleanasyu go, AnikaNishie and Draft like this.
  3. maroo88

    maroo88 Enthusiast Established

    ah.....galing talaga.....mga idol.... ^_^
  4. Who Cares

    Who Cares Forum Veteran Established

    Nice, kita na ang sig, via mobile! :thumbsup:
    Draft likes this.
  5. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Mobile theme will have it's big revamped / enhancement, this coming April/May..
  6. Who Cares

    Who Cares Forum Veteran Established

    testing, error after quote.
  7. Who Cares

    Who Cares Forum Veteran Established

    galing, wala,ng error :)

    sana pwede, pumili ng ibang theme.
  8. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    That will be included on the next update.
    Stay tune ;)
  9. Who Cares

    Who Cares Forum Veteran Established

    boss, suggest lang sa susunod na maintenance, ipagbawal ang SMS LIKE, at excessive use of characters like ex: pa try ...................

    para lang ma beat ang 25 char. limit.
  10. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Dati ng bawal yan, kaya lahat ng nag post ng ganyan ay may karapt na warning.
  11. Who Cares

    Who Cares Forum Veteran Established

    ^I mean boss, halimbawa: thx po bla blabla....

    kapag pinindot nya yung post automatically, sasabihan sya na icheck yung spelling na sms like 'thx' para iwas kalat at iwas warning na rin po.
    vialalka likes this.
  12. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hm, tingnan natin yan.
    Mukhang complikado.
    Who Cares likes this.
  13. Who Cares

    Who Cares Forum Veteran Established

    ^ahm, oo nga boss, pero for sure lilinis at maganda ang posts ng mga members dito, at saka may sense ang bawat post.
    Draft likes this.
  14. ang husay talaga ni boss draft(y) sana boss hindi ka magasawang pagtibayin at pagandahin maslalo ang phcorner.net
    thank you boss draft:D more power:)
    Causing Glenn and Draft like this.
  15. marsmallow

    marsmallow Enthusiast Established

    more power sa ph corner.... at least lagi tayong nag uupgrade. salamat sa mga IT natin dito. keep up the good work
  16. thank you boss draft:D more power:)
  17. Causing Glenn

    Causing Glenn echo Staff Member Moderator

    masyadong complicated to WC...
    AnikaNishie and Draft like this.
  18. that's why i love PHC, my homepage!:happy: salamat sa walang sawang pagtataguyod ng PHCorner!
  19. dito po ako bilib sa site na ito... itong site lang na ito ang updated every second, every minute, every hour, day and night, everyday... two thumbs up para sa inyong mga admin ng PHCORNER saludo ako sa inyo pag patuloy nyo lang po ang pag maintain nyo sa website na ito... TC always admins...
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