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Smart & TNT PH Corner VPN Compatible with any Hotspot Shield or Expat Shield VPN Configs

Discussion started by richardrr, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    January 20, 2014

    pakain trick still working
    para sa mga taga LUZON..

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    Get Australia Config in the Attachment
    for your PHCorner VPN..

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    1. Works with all Windows OS Version [XP, Vista, 7 & 8 (32 & 64 bit)]
    2. Protects your online surfing with anonymous servers.
    3. Less memory usage.
    4. No hidden scripts that may harm your computer.

    5. You can edit/configure/add/remove configs anytime you want it.
    6. NEW LOOK (designed by PHC Designer RIRA) and user friendly.


    this VPN works best with any Smart Bro/Smart Buddy/TNT sim..
    with load atleast Php 1 or zero load basta
    nakakonek ito sa dashboard..

    1. PHCorner VPN
    2. PHC TAP Adapter
    3. Attached config/s
    You can find all these in the attachment.

    or try Login to view Links [NEW]

    Step 1: Create new Modem Settings
    Profile Name: PH Corner.net (or any )
    APN: internet
    Access number: *99#
    Authentication Protocol Settings: PAP or CHAP pwede

    Save and set as defult.
    2. Install TAP ADAPTER
    3. Connect Smartbro USB Modem.
    4. Open PH Corner VPN Folder.

    Open (Windows XP)
    or Run as Administrator (Vista/Windows 7/8)
    PH Corner VPN.exe..

    Click YES and wait for the PH Corner VPN to open..
    Right click the PHC VPN icon int the taskbar.
    Select server and connect.

    You are now connected and ready to enjoy
    free unlimited internet by PHCorner VPN..
    sa mga HSS at
    Freemynet users alam kong
    hindi niyo na ito kailangan..
    ang lahat ng mga configs
    na nakapaloob dito
    ay hindi ko po lubusang
    may prineserved at
    kinalikot lang ng konti..
    just download the attachment
    to start using this VPN..
    Password to extract: richardrr

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    For Smart Unblocking Tips
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    When surfing the Internet, a problem that can arise for consumers
    is getting a number of DNS errors or 404 errors in the web browser
    despite a working Internet connection..
    If this is the case, then learning how to flush DNS
    for your computer’s operating system (OS)
    is key to restoring the proper quality of service
    for your computer’s web browsing capability..

    The act of flushing the DNS removes the local resolution
    for the website name saved or cached on your computer
    which can result in a slower initial revisit to the webpage;
    however, it will eliminate browsing errors encountered
    from the entry being corrupted.

    If you experience errors and failed to connect problems..
    simply restart your computer or you need to flush DNS in cache..

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    and run this everytime you connect to our VPN
    to avoid such errors..

    or you may do it manually by using the command prompt..
    1. Close all open web browsers and applications on your computer
    (sinubukan ko nakabukas, okey din naman siguro hehe :LOL:)
    2. Open the Windows command prompt by selecting the
    “Start” menu and entering “cmd” in the search text field box
    followed by clicking the “enter” key.
    3. At the command prompt, enter “ipconfig /flushdns”
    followed by pressing the “enter” key..
    After a moment, Windows will display a message
    similar to: “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.”
    Once the message is displayed,
    the DNS will be flushed removing all incorrect entries..

    4. View the DNS resolver cache by entering, “ipconfig /displaydns” at the command prompt followed by clicking the “Enter” key.

    If all else fail..
    TRY NOW my suggested Login to view Links..
    that is to AUTOMATE the Repair of Your Internet..

    But remember these two golden rules..
    1. don’t try and repair something that is not broken,
    you might break it.

    2. the utility cannot repair it all..
    we are not like the all-seeing and all-knowing..
    we cannot anticipate each and every situation..
    but this should be able to help with most internet issues..

    Login to view Links>>

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    Attached Files:

  2. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    HSS Upgrade Solution
    with the so many problems encountered by
    our friends here in PHC like this UPGRADE NOW

    Here are some options you may want to try..

    1. For Mozilla firefox
    Download and install
    Adblock plus in this link

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    For Google Chrome
    Download and install
    Adblock plus in this link
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    2. If all else fail
    Goto C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\host
    open host with Notepad and
    copy-paste the following to the last line.. anchorfree.net rss2search.com techbrowsing.com box.anchorfree.net Login to view Links Login to view Links Login to view Links

    Save and exit.
    Clear the cache >> CTRL+ SHIFT + DEL
    Check all options and clear browsing data
    from the begginning of time..

    Or you may use CCleaner Professional..
    Finally Restart your computer.

    3. If still it won't work
    Download the attachment and install..
    (I haven't tried this yet..
    but IT WORKS according to the one
    who gave me this application..
    credits to him of course)

    Attached Files:

  3. tanken suru

    tanken suru Enthusiast Established

  4. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    sige tol..
  5. Whoww....maganda ngah yan!! Patry tol!;>
  6. wow no need na ba ng broadband nito?
  7. try....................................
  8. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    kailangan po ah..
  9. masubukan nga always me ksi ng papaload butas ang bulsa hehehh thanks bozs sana gumana
  10. pa try den sir....maraming tsalamat....
    avantgarde likes this.
  11. puwde din po bah ito sa globe?o para sa smarty lang!
  12. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    sige tol..
    free si smart ngayon
    kahit walang trick na gagawin..
    direct connect then browse na..
    try niyo po then feedback ah..
  13. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    pwede rin po
    kaya lang may ibang settings
    para kay globe..
    check it here..
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    skallzka01 likes this.
  14. oo
  15. wow merun dn pla s smart sir..hehe..thanks po dito cge susubukan ku to..ok lng po ba ito nlng n sim ang gmitin ku khit nka.reg pa aku s unlisurf 50 sir?..
  16. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    smart buddy po ba yan..
    mas maganda ah pag di
    registered para free.. :LOL:
  17. ung original n sim po to ng smartbro ku sir eh..diku alam kng buddy ba to kc white lng xa eh..prô ok lng b to khit TnT n sim gmitin ku sir?..at kung gumana to sakin poh..forever na ba to n free net?..hehe

    prô ok lng po ba kung subukan ko nito khit reg?..kng ayw parin s ibang sim n buddy or TnT nlng..ok lng po ba sir richard?
  18. Galing mo tlga sir working din ito salmat tlga pero may xpiration din ba mga VPN po sir ?
  19. yeah! ako din master try na basta ikaw
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