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Easiest way to activate your orange homescreen mode

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La Freak

Support Team
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Support Team
Jan 16, 2013
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Activate Orange Homescreen mode in


Now you can activate a whole new kind of homescreen mode, to change the look of your s40v5&v6.
1.First of All u need to Activate Orange Home Screen To Show It On ur"Display Settings Option".
2.To activate OHS , download"VariantsDefault.wxml"
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3.now Open Ur Phone Using MobiMB then Goto SYSTEM FOLDER A:\Isasetting\variantFOR default\
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4.Now Delete(or Keep Backup) the existing File and Paste"variantsDefault.wxml" and Exit. and u are DONE!
Go to display settings & activate it. (Keeping Back Up Just To Copy Paste Style )
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