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Jamesiswizard_1 top 3 vpn apps for android - 2013

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Aug 26, 2012
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VPN is a Favorite method for using Any tricks But User’s are mostly not aware of using VPN Tricks on the most Popular Os Android. We have so many VPN Configs and VPN Tricks in our 3G Tricks Section which works almost Everywhere, But it is always better to use the Same VPN trick on your Android Device as well there was lot of Confusion on VPN’s Application for Android and user’s were not able to configure it properly, I hop this List of Top 3 VPN Applications for Android will resolve your issues.

Top 3 VPN Apps for Android:

On this year we have Researched a Lot and finally came up with theeApps.

1) Feat VPN

Feat VPN works as OpenVPN for Android Without ROOT, yes currently other VPn Apps such as Droid VPN requires Rooted Android Phone to Access Internet, But on Feat VPN you won’t require to Root your Device as this Works on a Normal Un Rooted Deice also. this is a Major Advantage which brings this Application to 1st on Top 3 VPN Application for Android.

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Feat VPN is an Android App which brings you openVPN Experience on Android. It Does not require to you to root your android phone or Tablet and thus void its warranty. FEAT VPN works on unmodified off-the-shelf devices. FEAT VPN also brings OpenVPN to Android versions before Android 4.0, no root required. It is the first layer-3 VPN app that works on any off-the-shelf device with an Android version between 2.1 and 3.2.

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2) DroidVPNDroidVPN is another most popular VPN app for Android from DroidVPN inc. It allows you to unblock Regional content and Browse Web anonymously. This App Requires a Rooted Android Device. So if you Device is not Rooted Droid VPN won’t Work.

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Popularity of DroidVPN lies in its Simplicity, Like PD Proxy it has tons of Features and Easy to configure. but only drawback is you will need to Root your Android Device before using this. Like as as PD proxy its free Account Gives you 100 MB daily limit for getting unlimited Usage you will need top Purchase its premium Version.

Droid VPN has tons of exciting Features which will make you love this app. Apart from this their VPN servers are located in many locations around the Globe so you can choose the nearest one to get Full Speed.If you are phone is Rooted then I strongly Recommend you to go with DroidVPN for Accessing VPN Tricks on your Android handset.

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3) Hotspot Shield VPN

If you are looking for Free VPN for your Android Device with Unlimited bandwidth Then Hotspot Shield VPN from AnchorFree GmbH is for you! Hotspot Shield is a Very popular VPn client for Windows OS and now the same has become for Android with more than 100 Millions Downloads worldwide.

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HotspotSheild Supports from Android 2.2 to latest Android 4.1 jelly Bean, Like PD proxy There is a Built In config system which Supports all UDP ports, You can simply Select which Open Port is working in your Area and use your Internet Free. There is No Download Limit, However There are some Advertisements on Free Account, You can Upgrade your Account to Premium for Ad-Free Browsing.


pa back up nalang installer mo ng featvpn for unrooted .maiba naman hehe airvpn kasi gamit ko .. pa back up tapos attach mo dto ung feat vpn .diko maacess ang playstore salamat


bossing gaano katotoo yong HSS na magwork sa android phone for free browsing? I think di pa yan siya working unless may internet mismo ang sim mo. Yun po basi sa experience ko..pero baka may kulang sa procedures ko..pwd nyo po ma-idetalye?tnx in advance ts...
I'm currently using droid vpn on my rooted alcatel glory 2 but I cant set up the correct port dahil mismo sa phone.


how to use this top 3 vpn's? kelangan pba mag register to have account? and have our user name and password? i have same question to the other post. na kelangan ba naka enable ba yung data connection mo? o hndi?

when connecting the vpn po.. tuloy2 ba ang ligya sa pag browse?
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