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Anung magandang ipantawag sa ating mga ka phcorner?

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natawa ako sa 2nd post..adik lang :LOL:

neways..ang hirap gawan ng pantawag ..hhmmm

"ka-PHC" ..as simple as that pwede na ba? :D

Kailangan ba english sir nadz?


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pwede na seguro ang ka ph, bro,sis,maam and boss. .PHC'ians kasi parang pang school lang. . .:D hehehe


suggest ko po, magbigay atleast 5, tapos the first 100 or 200 votes, cguro ok na po yun!
malamang ang madulas ng tawag bka grasshopper pa rin, talon ng talon.... hehehe


Forum Expert
PHC is stand alone..
dagdagan nalang natin ng
tizens meaning the people or the community..

so i am recommending PHCtizens..

ang malupit
may equation
at definition
na rin para dito..

PHC + tizens = PHCtizens
(meaning collective formed in PHC by young people willing to work together on a common goal or project)

"WE are the PHCtizens.."


PHCtizens is cool..

another point,,, kailan ako pwedeng tawaging PHCtizen?
upon registration ko sa PHC?

ty... :)
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