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Globe & TM How to bug in 1yr

Discussion started by jharent08, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. pls nm help nm sir henji sa bug ng 3g-4 pls ...bos. pa pm q how to do
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  2. ilabas na mga tinatagong lihim jan:flash:
  3. haha kea nga ... meon svi nila .. kaw ba bos ano gmit u ...help me nm
  4. haha. 1month lng ako:arghh:
  5. ah gnn ba ok lng help u nga sir plssssss ala na kc dq mka bug ...ng 1month plssss bosss
  6. try mo ung dial trick na post ko.. baka gumana sayo
  7. ok boss ,,,,
    thank you..
    ung ss299 ba
  8. ilang mb un bos
  9. try mo ito You must be logged in to view links.
  10. nd ko nm sia ma uplaod sir
  11. bakit?
  12. eror lumalabas eh sir
    need nia ang like san ko b like sir
  13. like at comment lng po
  14. ala tlaga eh panu ba boss
  15. like ka sa baba ng post ko
  16. ok cge madodownload q b un bos
  17. cge sudin mo lng ung tutorial dun, sana makua mo
  18. boss working pa poe b 2ng dial tricks s uat. . .kah8 meron ng it system ang globe?
  19. dial tricks malabo na. pero uat sa webtrick or bugging tools pumapasok pa!
  20. share man s skin boss ung webtricks n gam8 m s uat?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.