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Globe & TM [oldies but goodies] pili na ng pangsubstitute kay uat

Discussion started by richardrr, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    update: 03/25/2013, 5:30 PM

    try these..
    no load & no bug required
    to have free and unlimited internet
    Globe/TM - Login to view Links
    Smart/TNT - Login to view Links

    patry na lang po and feedback..

    Use any of these combinations
    to bug your Globe Sim..
    send to 8888 + DIAL

    SMS + DIAL
    1 : UNLIALLTRIO1400 + *143*3*3*3*2*2*1# (not working)
    2 : MAIL299 + *143*2*3*3*1#
    3 : GOALLNET500 + *143*3*2*2*1# (working pa rin as of 03-09-2013)
    4 : SOCIAL299 + *143*2*3*1*1#
    5 : Login to view Links (working: more info, click the link)
    6 : SUPERFB199 + *143*2*2*3*1#
    7 : ALLNET600 + *143*3*4*4*2*1#
    8 : GOALLNET25 + *143*3*2*4*1#

    STAT S TO 8888
    5 : FUN STATUS
    7 : *143*1*4*1#
    8 : *143*1*4*1#

    dapat pabilisan ang pagtext at pagdial..
    repeat the sms + dial process
    for atleast three times
    before you make a status..

    you need at least 1 peso load to
    make this trick..

    the attachment includes
    more TIPS, of course.. I gathered
    from bugger experts..

    many confirmed that these
    combinations worked
    for them..

    happy bugging..
  2. Sana gumana
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  3. sana mkapag bug na ko :(((((((((((((((((((
    jeevan2013 likes this.
  4. MASILIP NGA PO TO BOSS....thanks
    simple25th and jeevan2013 like this.
  5. thanks for sharing po... will try it
    jeevan2013 likes this.
  6. pasilip po nito sir :D thank you
    jeevan2013 likes this.
  7. try try po sana success jaja:)
    jeevan2013 and mardon like this.
  8. sana maka pag bug narin ako... gaya ng dati... pa try to bosing.. thnks
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  9. try and try until you die :D
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  10. thanks for sharing po... will try It
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  11. thanks for sharing.......:flash: .............fb later
    richardrr likes this.
  12. thanks for sharing po... will try It
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  13. sana gumana ito.. salamat
    richardrr likes this.
  14. keep sharing !!! more power :nites:
    richardrr likes this.
  15. sannaa work talagaaa to.....
    richardrr likes this.
  16. di ko talaga ma dl ung globoom dial trick muna ako
    richardrr likes this.
  17. pa try nito idol ha ndi na ko maka bug e. thanks
    richardrr likes this.
  18. sana talaga
    mkapag bug na ko :((((
    richardrr likes this.
  19. sana gumana nman.......
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  20. ........thanks sa pgshare........................
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