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Info: want to know uat expiration?

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Nov 18, 2012
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UAT as we all know eh walang status,. di tayo registered sa anumang surfing promos.. But now na nag update sila, ang uat na dati eh walang status na makikita eh meron pala..

Just dial this: *143*1*4*1#

Eto ang sample reply nyan:

"Status: You have remaining 0 txts and 0 call minutes to Globe/TM plus 0 txts to other networks. Your balance reflects accumulated txts and calls from other IMMORTAL registrations.,Your Unlimited Surfing from your GoSAKTO subscription will expire on 03/04/13 12:05:09."

Makikita natin eh registered tayo to gosakto, parehas lang ni gosurfE999 ng status :thumbsup:


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nice info..
but better not
try to check
your status
to avoid possible
early debug..

but for curiousity sake
i'll try this one tol..

thanks for the
very nice share..


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haha ayus to ah na check ko nadin status ko sacwakas ng panahon feb 16 expire ko malapit na


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nice info.. but better nottry to checkyour statusto avoid possibleearly debug..but for curiousity sakei'll try this one tol..thanks for thevery nice share..
Yes sir you're right :D but I already tried and tested it.. Base on my observation di gaano nagcucut si globe pag UAT.. In my own opinion checking status does not cause debug.. But syempre naninigurado tayo kaya di agad nag checheck ng status, pero sa experience ko sa bugging di naman nacucut kahit ilang beses pa ko mag status.. Ewan ko kung paano nadedetect ng system nila ang bug user.. Maybe nasa trick narin.. :D
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