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Filipino girl

Discussion started by Stine, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. In a New York sidewalk, a
    Filipino is enjoying a hearty
    breakfast "
    coffee, croissants, toast, butter,
    jam, etc.
    While an American, chewing a
    gum, sat next to him and started
    unwanted conversation...
    American: You Filipinos eat the
    whole bread?
    Filipino: Of course!
    American: (Blowing bubbles
    with his gum) we don't. We,
    Americans only
    eat what's inside. The crust we
    collect in a container, recycle,
    these into croissantsand sell
    these to the Philippines.
    American: Do you eat jam with
    Filipino: Of course!
    American: (Chuckling and
    *****ling his gum between his
    teeth) we don't.
    Americans eat fruitsat
    breakfast, put all the peels, seeds
    leftovers into containers, turn
    these into jam and sell it to the
    Filipino: Do you have *** in
    American: Of course, we do!
    Filipino: What do you do with
    the c*nd*ms?
    American: We throwthem, of
    Filipino: We don't. In the
    Philippines, we put them into
    recycle them, turn them into
    chewing gums and sell it to
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  2. aw ahahaha grabe ..gawin ba namang chewing gum yun.. :ROFLMAO:
  3. ahahaha.. nice one..
  4. Lawliet_1

    Lawliet_1 Leecher Staff Member Support Team

    wahahaahahahah :D
  5. nice one! tindi nito ah. two thumbs up (y) (y)
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