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Globe & TM Update of ss999

Discussion started by Blitz Flames, Jan 28, 2013.

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    step 1: packetdata connection >> when available (para po maetiming niyo ung pagdial)

    step 2: save these in your contacts.
    *143*5*6*4*1*1# = A
    *143*5*4*1*1# = AA
    (lahat po A para hindi mahirap pag magdial ka)

    step 3: send BBMAX599 then dial "A" wait for 2 text messages.
    (wait niyo muna na maging unavailable ung packetdata bago mag dial)

    step 4: send SUPERSURF999 then dial "AA" wait for 2 text messages.
    (wait niyo muna na maging unavailable ung packetdata bago mag dial)

    step 5: wait 3 minutes and then SUPERSURF STATUS send to 8888.

    kung hindi pa nka register. ulitin niyo ang step 2 to 5. kung nka register na. proceed sa step 6.

    step 6: para po hindi ito makatay. send bal to 222. then wait 2 mins then manually register to supersurf999 using *143#. you will receive "sorry, ngeaw ngeaw ngeaw ... " HAHA :D
    hindi na siguro yan makakatay. :)

    credits to ali71.

    hit like. thanks :)
  2. tested na ba ito ts? :D
  3. opo .. ito ginagamit ko :)
  4. sige try nila thanks for sharing :D
  5. you're welcome. mas maganda sana kung may like :)
    post lang kayo kung may probs
  6. test ko mamaya
    thanks for sharing
  7. keep sharing. . .
  8. :nice: nice TS
    keep on sharing:wideyed:
  9. palike naman jan tol. :D
  10. ako fail bugging ngaung araw. kasi ang reply ni 8888 sakin e hindi daw ako naka reg. pero nkakapag browse naman ako. hahaha
  11. tlaga? haha ayos yan ha .. anong gamit mo? tattoo?
  12. saan po isesend ung bbmax and supersurf999...sa 8888 po ba??? salamat po
  13. yes sir tattoo sim. hehehe ewan ko d2. kasi puro reply d ako naka reg.. pero nakaka browse nmn til now d pa nakatay.. observe ko pa po.
  14. you are not registered sbi ni 8888....... peo nd kopa na try magbrowse...
  15. Sa UAT bug ata pumasok ung akin hahaha.
  16. opo. sa 8888
  17. UAT lang di nakakatay sakin try koto pag expire
  18. ulitin mo nlang mag register. bka hindi yan nka pasok .. kailangan mkatiming ka. kailangan mo ung step1 pra matiming mo :)

  19. panu malalaman kung ilang days ang na bug sa UAT?
  20. ako hindi pa ako nkakabug sa UAT. haha .. yun ung ginagawa ko ngayon hehe
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.