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Globe Pahelp na po sa magic ip for globo

Discussion started by cooL-Myx, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. help help help! salamat mga KaPHC..
  2. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Wala na pong magic IP sa ngayun.
  3. wala na po bang working nowadays?

    kasad naman.. but thanks po! :)
  4. walang magic ip boss
  5. okay that would be fine. :D Thanks whodas! :)

    can you send me a link or thread on how to activate my VPN? for samsung galaxy note?

    ayaw kasi magBug ng TM ko ee..

    i also have Globe Tattoo but i cant bug it through send SUPERSURF999, BB599 or etc.

    Super Thanks! :)

    cool - myx

  6. pm moko bro bug ko yan globe sim mo. Dapat my extra ha kahit 1php lang ok na. for free lang to ha baka isipin ng iba may kapalit ew...
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  7. Naka ss kana pala ts. .di pwede kasi tm mahirap pag webtricks. .
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  8. salamat dude..

    pm ko sayo no. ng Globe ko once na wala na ndi na nakaregister ah?

    Pano pala ung Bug na un?

    1 month unlisurf? un ba un?

    Super Thanks!
  9. oo bro 1month din, may tutorial naman dito about bug sa globe at tm try mo nalang read and read nalang hanggang ma gets mo. .:D
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  10. Naku.. ang ginawa ko na nga lang dito sa Chat Box e ang mangulit ng mangulit.. D

    salamat dude! :D

    Thanks a ton..

    basa basa pa ko ng mga Threads.. :)

    PM ko sayo no. ko sa Globe once na mawala ung Unlisurf.. :)

    Thanks! :)
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Not open for further replies.
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