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VPN Freemynet v2.3 vpn

Discussion started by pulizpatola, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Share ko lang minsan kong ginamit and still working toh sa mga bug user and legit user



    [ ] Ready built-in and manual configuration setup
    [ ] Auto-hide when connected
    [ ] Connect upon opening GUI,can be set to 1 to 5 seconds to start
    [ ] Voice prompt when connected ( audio output required )
    [ ] Get online configuration
    [ ] Label current Time and date of your computer
    [ ] Operating system info
    [ ] CPU usage value
    [ ] RAM usage value
    [ ] Radio Stations from Philippines,USA and India ( can serves as stabilizer)
    [ ] Windows Debug(can view real logs of connection)
    [ ] IP checker
    [ ] Speedtest button( speedtest.net)
    [ ] Connection checker ( You can check if you can browse to the web)
    [ ] Portable

    access number: *99***1#
    authentication protocol: chap

    UPDATE: Jan. 17, 2013
    Link are up changing to dropbox for safer downloading
    For fast downloading sign up and install first dropbox for easy file sharing

    Download here:
    Comment here if the link is not working so i can reupload it again
  2. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    nice share..
  3. kapag iba po ang IP, maba' Bypass agad ung 800mb limit??
  4. possible basta hindi nakafiltered yung ip na ginamit mo,check mo sa ipfingerprints.com
  5. thanks for sharing :D
  6. welcome :)
  7. Keep on sharing TS.
  8. gagana ba ito sa hindi bug sim?
  9. gagana yan sa hindi bug sim,gagana yan sa butas sim, gagana rin yan sa nakapreloaded na sim
    ginagamit yan para mahide ang atin personal ip address at pinapalitan ito para maging anonymous untraceable
    meron din yan encryption for security purposes po ang VPN
  10. as is na ba ito wala na gagalawin?
  11. yup as is na yan wala ng gagalawin,may built in cnfig na yan, ports nalang babaguhin,suggest port 53 and 54 LPORT 80 for globe
    press connect lang yan, run as administrator lang if win7 and win8 user
    pede rin yan kung may config kang sarili meron din yan manual config

    Para malamang kung naka VPN ka na, sa google,type: "what is my ip" without quotes
    pagnabago ip address mo means connected ka na sa vpn
    other ways:
    makikia mo rin dyan kung nasan location ang ip 
  12. hindi naman nag iiba ung IP ko eh..palaging philippines!!!
  13. hindi naman nag iiba ung IP ko eh..palaging philippines!!!
  14. Ndi n Po ma dl ung s link.kuya pd makahingi ng installer?pa attach naman.thanks
  15. Ndi n Po ma dl ung s link.kuya pd makahingi ng installer?pa attach naman.thanks
  16. run as administrator mo muna, tapos connect mo muna yan sunod yung sa dashboard
  17. up po yung link nacheck ko na ngayon, i added pa isang link,try mo nalang yung pangalawa
  18. ahw..habang nag coconnect si freeMynet icoconnect ko sa dashboard????or pag connected na si FreeMynet tsaka ko lang icoconnect si dashboard??

    kasi di mka connect si FreeMynet pag walang Internet eh....
  19. connect mo muna freemynet tapos connect agad si dashboard
  20. try mo iset up sa dashboard mo: apn:http.globe.com.ph
    access number: *99***1#
    authentication protocol: chap
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