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Request Suggestion lang po

Discussion started by khayle2012, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Instead na mag post po everyday for 1month para maging established. Bakit d po nating gawing yung SPOILER mabibili by trophie then you can earn trophie by LIKES kung mag lalike ka sa isang post my 1 trophie ka then per likes sa post mo may trophie ka din kung may 5likes ka may 5 trophie ka. Tapos yung trophie pwede mong lagyan ng required 10trophies or 5 kahit ilan gusto ng poster. Dba avoid hit and run then win win pa sa lahat. Suggestion lang po to.
  2. Yung poster bahala kung ilang trophie required para ma dl mo file nya. So yung mga hit and run mag sisikap mag likes. Kahit established member nag hihit and run din. Then kung ilang trophie required sa post mo yun din matatanggap mo. Yun din mababawas sa mag ddl ng file.
  3. Ryecon

    Ryecon Forum Veteran Established

    pero mahirap na mabago yung rules na yan ts btw thanks pa din sa innovative idea mo
  4. Futility

    Futility Forum Expert Established

    Alam ko na mangyayari kapag natupad yan, lahat na ng ts mag-iispoiler na sa kanilang thread para makahakot ng likes.

    Katulad dati na click like to download attachment, kahit pwede mo na i-type sa thread mo ilalagay pa sa notepad para i-like ng member nang sapilitan.

    Not against it, but...it's more like "trading" rather than "sharing".:emoji_confused::emoji_v:
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
  5. possible na gumawa ng maraming accounts to para ilike ang sariling thread(shares) to get trophies.
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