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Tutorial Rooting apps!!!

Discussion started by westraxx, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. westraxx

    westraxx Eternal Poster Established

    Rooting apps na compatible sa unit/Ap mo..

    ACER Mobile:
    Acer A1-810 - Framaroot
    Acer A1-811 - Framaroot
    Acer B1-711 - Framaroot
    Acer Iconia A3-A10 - Framaroot
    Acer Iconia Tab A100 - King Root
    Acer Liquid E1 - King Root
    Acer Liquid E2 - Framaroot
    Acer Liquid Z2 - King Root
    Acer Liquid Z3 - Framaroot
    Acer Liquid Z520 - King Root v4

    Alcatel OT 918n - Root Master
    Alcatel OT 997d - Framaroot
    Alcatel OT Glory - Root Master
    Alcatel OT S Pop - Root Master
    Alcatel OT Soleil- King Root
    Alcatel OT Ultra - Framaroot
    Alcatel OT X Pop - Framaroot
    Alcatel OT Idol - Framaroot
    Alcatel OT Idol S - King Root
    Alcatel OT Idol X - King Root
    Alcatel OT Scribe Easy - king Root
    Alcatel OT Scribe HD- Framaroot
    Alcatel OT Fierce - King Root
    Alcatel OT Fierce 1 - King Root
    Alcatel OT Pop C3 - King Root
    Alcatel OT Pop C5 - Framaroot
    Alcatel OT Flash + - King Root
    Alcatel OT Hero - King Root
    Alcatel OT Snap LTE - King Root
    Alcatel OT Star - King Root
    Alcatel OT Evolve - King Root

    ARC Mobile:
    Arc Mobile Tv 5500D - King Root v4
    Arc Mobile Prime 350D - Framaroot
    Arc Mobile Nitro 400D - King Root
    Arc Mobile Nitro 500D - iRoot

    ASUS Mobile:
    Asus Padfone 1/2 - Framaroot
    Asus Padfone Infinity - Framaroot
    Asus Padfone A66 - Framaroot
    Asus Zenfone 4 - Framaroot

    CHERRY Mobile:
    CM Flare S - Framaroot
    CM Flare S2 - Root Master
    CM Flare S3 - King Root
    CM Flare S3 Mini - King Root
    CM Flare S3 Octa - King Root v4
    CM Flare S3 Power - King Root v4
    CM Flare S100 - Framaroot
    CM Flare HD - Framaroot
    CM Flare 2.0 - King Root v4
    CM Flare 3 - King Root
    CM Flare 3g - King Root
    CM Flare Lite - 360 Root
    CM Flare Lite Quad - 360 Root
    CM Flare Dash - King Root
    CM Cruize 2 - King Root v4
    CM Fuze - Framaroot
    CM Superion - Framaroot
    CM Cosmos - Framaroot
    CM Titan TV - Framaroot
    CM Flame - Framaroot
    CM Burst - Framaroot
    CM Blaze - Framaroot
    CM Rave - Root Master
    CM Hyper - Framaroot
    CM Sonic - King Root
    CM Jelly - Framaroot
    CM Spin - King Root
    CM Snap - vRoot
    CM Cubix - King Root
    CM Thunder - Framaroot
    CM Life - Framaroot
    CM Edge - Root Master
    CM Razor - King Root
    CM Pulse x140 - King Root
    CM Omega XL - Framaroot
    CM Omega 3 - King Root
    CM Omega HD 2.0 - Framaroot
    CM Omega Icon - iRoot
    CM Omega Spectrum - King Root
    CM Omega Lite - King Root
    CM Infinix Pure - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Me Vibe - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Me Fun - iRoot
    Cherry Mobile s100 - Framaroot
    Cherry Mobile w120 - Root Master
    Cherry Mobile w100 - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Amber- Framaroot
    Cherry Mobile Pebble - iRoot
    Cherry Mobile Quartz - Root Master
    Cherry Mobile Garnet - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Bubble - Baiduroot
    Cherry Mobile Urban - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Gem - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Topaz - Framaroot
    Cherry Mobile Amethyst - Framaroot
    Cherry Mobile Emerald - Root Master
    Cherry Mobile Cole - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Ruby -Framaroot
    Cherry Mobile Granite - iRoot
    Cherry Mobile Jade - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Marble - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Pearl - Framaroot
    Cherry Mobile Coal - King Root
    Cherry Mobile Sapphire - King Root
    Cherry Mobile I100 - King Root.apk/Iroot.exe

    Cloudfone Excite 354G - Framaroot
    Cloudfone Excite 400D - King Root
    Cloudfone Excite 402D - Framaroot
    Cloudfone Excite 470Q - Framaroot
    Cloudfone Excite 501D - King Root
    Cloudfone Excite 502Q - Root Master
    Cloudfone Excite 504D - vRoot
    Cloudfone Thrill 430D - Framaroot
    Cloudfone Thrill 550Q - Framaroot
    Cloudfone Cloudpad 700D - Framaroot
    Cloudfone Cloudpad 700E - Framaroot
    Cloudfone Ice 350E- iRoot pc
    Cloudfone 700qTV - vRoot pc
    DTC GT5a - Root Master
    Firefly Vision 4 - King Root
    Firefly s90 - 360root
    Firefly 160 - iRoot

    Gionee E3 Elife - Framaroot
    Gionee E7 Mini - Framaroot
    Gionee Pioneer P2 - Framaroot
    Gionee Pioneer P3 - Framaroot
    Gionee 868H - Framaroot
    Gionee GN 708 - Framaroot

    HTC 920E - King Root
    HTC Wildfire - King Root
    HTC Vision - King Root
    HTC Thunderbolt - King Root
    HTC Tattoo - King Root
    HTC Sensation - King Root
    HTC Salsa - King Root
    HTC Runnymede - King Root
    HTC Rhyme - King Root
    HTC Rezound - King Root
    HTC Raider 4G - King Root
    HTC Primo

    HTC One X - King Root
    HTC One V - King Root
    HTC One S - King Root
    HTC Mytouch 4G - King Root
    HTC Mytouch 3G - King Root
    HTC Magic - King Root
    HTC Legend - King Root
    HTC Incredible - King Root
    HTC Hero - King Root
    HTC EVO Shift - King Root
    HTC Droid Eris - King Root
    HTC Dream - King Root
    HTC Desire Z - King Root
    HTC Desire S - King Root
    HTC Desire HD - King Root
    HTC Desire - King Root
    HTC Chacha - King Root
    HTC Aria - King Root
    HTC Amaze 4G - King Root
    HTC Explorer - King Root
    HTC One m7 - HTC toolkit pc

    Huawei Ascend G300- Framaroot
    Huawei Ascend G330- Framaroot
    Huawei Ascend G526- Framaroot
    Huawei Ascend G610- Framaroot
    Huawei Ascend G620 - King Root
    Huawei Ascend G700- Framaroot
    Huawei Ascend G730- Framaroot
    Huawei Ascend Y600- King Root
    Huawei Ascend U9200- King Root
    Huawei Ascend U8815- Framaroot
    Huawei Ascend U8825- Framaroot
    Huawei Ascend U8836- Framaroot
    Huawei Vitria Y210- Root Master
    Huawei Vitria Y215- Framaroot
    Huawei Vitria Y301- Framaroot
    Huawei Vitria Y320- Framaroot
    Huawei Vitria Y511- Framaroot
    Huawei Vitria Y600- iRoot
    Huawei Holly U19 - King Root
    Huawei Honor 3C - King Root
    Huawei Honor prô - Framaroot
    Huawei P1 LTE - Baiduroot
    Huawei Mediapad 7 Youth 2 - vRoot
    Huawei Premia 4g- Framaroot
    Huawei Tablet S7-721U - King Root
    Huawei Y220-U10 - Root Master
    Huawei Y3C-U02 - King Root

    Kata m2 - King Root V4
    Kata m3 - iRoot
    Kata f1s - King Root v4
    Kata i3s - King Root
    Kata Venus 3 - Framaroot

    LG Optimus:
    LG G E970-E975 - Framaroot
    LG G2 - King Root
    LG G3 - King Root
    LG L3 E425-E440 - Root Master
    LG L5 E610-E615 - Framaroot
    LG L7 P700-P870 - Framaroot
    LG F100L - Framaroot
    LG F160L - Framaroot
    LG LS855 - Framaroot
    LG F5 P875-P970 - Framaroot
    LG F7 - Framaroot
    LG Nitro HD - Framaroot
    LG Lucid 2 - Framaroot
    LG Dynamic 2 - Framaroot
    LG LTE 2 - Framaroot
    LG Nexus 5 - King Root v4

    Lenovo A60+ - King Root
    Lenovo A269i - Framaroot
    Lenovo A369i - Framaroot
    Lenovo A319 - 360 Root
    Lenovo A328 - 360 Root
    Lenovo A350 - King Root v4
    Lenovo A390 - Root Master
    Lenovo A516 - Framaroot
    Lenovo A526 - iRoot
    Lenovo A536 - King Root
    Lenovo A600 - Framaroot
    Lenovo A606 - King Root
    Lenovo A630 - King Root
    Lenovo A650 - Kingoroot
    Lenovo A680 - King Root
    Lenovo A690 - Kingoroot
    Lenovo A706 - Framaroot
    Lenovo A800 - Framaroot
    Lenovo A850 - Framaroot
    Lenovo K800 - King Root
    Lenovo K900 - King Root
    Lenovo P700 - King Root
    Lenovo P780 - King Root
    Lenovo S650 - King Root
    Lenovo S820 - Framaroot
    Lenovo S860 - King Root
    Lenovo S870 - Framaroot
    Lenovo S890 - Framaroot
    Lenovo Tab A5000 - King Root
    Lenovo Tab A3300 - Framaroot
    Lenovo Tab A3000 - Framaroot
    Lenovo Tab B8000 - Framaroot
    Lenovo Tab S5000 - Framaroot
    Lenovo Tab S6000 - Framaroot
    Lenovo P770-P780 - Framaroot
    Lenovo Yoga 8/10 - Framaroot

    MyPhone A888 - Framaroot
    MyPhone A818i duo - Baiduroot
    MyPhone A919 duo - Root Master
    MyPhone Agua Hail - Framaroot
    MyPhone Agua Rain 2G - Framaroot
    MyPhone Agua Rio - Root Master
    MyPhone Agua Storm - Framaroot
    MyPhone Agua Vortex - Root Master
    MyPhone Agua Ocean Mini -King Root
    MyPhone Cyclone - Framaroot
    MyPhone Iceberg - King Root
    MyPhone Rio v2 KitKat - King Root
    MyPhone Rio v2 lollipop - King Root v4
    MyPhone Rio - Framaroot
    MyPhone Rio Fun - King Root v4
    MyPhone Rio Craze - King Root
    MyPhone Rio Lite - Framaroot
    MyPhone Rio Junior - King Root
    MyPhone My22 - King Root
    MyPhone My27 - King Root v4
    Myphone My31 - King Root

    OPPO N1 - King Root
    OPPO R1C - King Root
    OPPO T29 - King Root
    OPPO Neo 3 - Root Master
    OPPO Find Clover - Framaroot
    OPPO Find 5 mini - Framaroot
    OPPO Find 7 - King Root
    OPPO Findway U7015 - Framaroot

    O+ 360 alpha - King Root
    O+ 360 - King Root
    O+ 8.33 - King Root
    O+ 8.36z - Root Master
    O+ 8.31z - King Root
    O+ 8.37 - Framaroot
    O+ 8.38 - King Root v4
    O+ 8.52 - King Root
    O+ 8.6 - Root Master
    O+ 8.75 - King Root
    O+ 8.9 - Framaroot
    O+ 8.91 - Framaroot
    O+ 8.92 - Root Master

    Samsung s5300 Pocket- King Root
    Samsung ѕ5301 Pocket plus- King Root

    Samsung s5310 Pocket neo- King Root
    Samsung s5360 Young- Update.zip
    Samsung s5570 Mini - Baiduroot
    Samsung s5610 - Root Master
    Samsung s5830 Ace - Baiduroot
    Samsung s6310 Young - Framaroot
    Samsung s6312 Young - Framaroot
    Samsung s6810 Fame - King Root
    Samsung s720c Proclaim - Framaroot
    Samsung s7262 Star Plus - Odin pc
    Samsung s7270 Ace 3 - King Root
    Samsung s7392 Trend - King Root
    Samsung s7500 Ace+ - iRoot
    Samsung s7562 S Duos- Root Master
    Samsung s7582 S Duos 2-King Root v4
    Samsung g335H Core 2 - King Root
    Samsung g900F lollipop - King Root
    Samsung g530 Grand prime - King Root
    Samsung g710 Grand 2 -Odin v3.7 pc
    Samsung i8260 Core - Framaroot
    Samsung i8262 Core Duos - Framaroot
    Samsung i8552 Win - Framaroot
    Samsung i8730 Express - Framaroot
    Samsung i9003 SL - Root Master
    Samsung i9060 Grand neo - King Root
    Samsung j100 - Odin v3.7 pc
    Samsung Tab 3 - Framaroot
    Samsung Tab p6200 - Framaroot
    Samsung Tab p6210 - Framaroot
    Samsung Note n7000 - Framaroot
    Samsung Note 2 n7100 - Framaroot
    Samsung Note 2 n7105 - Framaroot
    Samsung Note n8000 - Framaroot
    Samsung Note n8010 - Framaroot
    Samsung Note n8013 - Framaroot
    Samsung Note n8020 - Framaroot
    Samsung Note 4 - King Root
    Samsung S i9000 - Framaroot
    Samsung S2 i9100 - King Root
    Samsung S2 SGH-i777 - Framaroot
    Samsung S2 SHW-m250S - Framaroot
    Samsung S2 SPH-d710 - Framaroot
    Samsung S3 SHV-e210l- Odin v3.7 pc
    Samsung S3 i9300 - King Root
    Samsung S3 i9305 - Framaroot
    Samsung S3 i8200 Mini - King Root
    Samsung S4 i9500 - Odin v3.7 via pc
    Samsung S4 Zoom - iRoot
    Samsung S4 i9190 Mini - King Root
    Samsung S4 SGH-i337 - Towel Root
    Samsung S5 - Odin v3.7 pc
    Samsung S5 - King Root v4
    Samsung S6 - King Root

    Skk A11 - vRoot
    Skk Neo - Framaroot
    Skk Neo 3g - Root Master
    Skk Neo Explay - Framaroot
    Skk Marian VI - King Root
    Skk Phoenix - Framaroot
    Skk Wind - King Root
    Skk Charm - Kingoroot
    Skk Glimpse 2 - King Root
    Skk Cyclops Tab - Framaroot 1.8

    Sony Xperia E C1505 - Framaroot
    Sony Xperia J ST26i - Framaroot
    Sony Xperia L C2105 - Root Master
    Sony Xperia M C1904 - Towel Root
    Sony Xperia P LT22i - King Root
    Sony Xperia S LT26i - King Root
    Sony Xperia T LT30a - Towel Root
    Sony Xperia V LT25i - Towel Root
    Sony Xperia Z L36h - King Root
    Sony Xperia Go ST27i - Root Master
    Sony Xperia Ray ST18i - Baiduroot
    Sony Xperia C4 - King Root
    Sony Xperia C5 - King Root
    Sony Xperia E4 - King Root
    Sony Xperia P2 - King Root
    Sony Xperia SP - Towel Root
    Sony Xperia TX - King Root
    Sony Xperia Z1 - King Root
    Sony Xperia Z2 - King Root
    Sony Xperia Z3 - King Root
    Sony Xperia ZL - King Root
    Sony Xperia ZR - King Root
    Sony Xperia Z Ultra - King Root
    Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - King Root
    Sony Xperia x10 - Baiduroot
    Sony Xperia Arc - King Root
    Sony Xperia Neo V - iRoot
    Sony Xperia Acro S - Baiduroot
    Sony Bloggie FS3 - King Root

    Starmobile Play - Framaroot
    Starmobile Astra - Root Master
    Starmobile Engage - Framaroot
    Starmobile Hit - iRoot
    Starmobile Sky - King Root
    Starmobile Quest - iRoot pc
    Starmobile Diamond s1- Framaroot
    Starmobile Diamond s2 - Framaroot
    Starmobile Vida - King Root
    Starmobile Knight - King Root
    Starmobile Navi - King Root
    Starmobile Turbo - King Root v4
    Starmobile Jump Neo - King Root
    Starmobile Up+ - King Root

    Torque Droidz Atom X - iRoot
    Torque Droid Easy - Root Master
    Torque Droid Inspire - King Root
    Torque Droid Edge - King Root
    Xiaomi Mi-2S - Framaroot
    Xiaomi Hongmi / Redmi - Framaroot
    ZH&K Pac 10 - Root Master
    ZenTel Zen 5 - King Root
    Zen Ultrafone 701HD - Framaroot

    ZTE V790 Kis lll- iRoot
    ZTE V795 - Framaroot
    ZTE V880H Blade G2 - Framaroot
    ZTE V955 - Framaroot
    ZTE V967S - Framaroot
    ZTE N986 - Framaroot
    ZTE V987 Grand X Quad - Framaroot
    ZTE V9815 Grand Memo N5-Framaroot
    ZTE Blade Q1 - King Root
    ZTE Blade Q - Framaroot
    ZTE Blade Vec prô - King Root v4
    ZTE Kis - Framaroot
    ZTE Leo S1 - Framaroot
    ZTE Open - Framaroot
    ZTE Roamer 2 - Framaroot
    ZTE Warp Sequent - Framaroot
    ZTE Joy Smart - King Root
    ZTE Beeline prô - King Root
    ZTE Avea Intouch 4 - King Root

    ZTE Amazing x1 - King Root
    ZTE Amazing x2 - King Root
    ZTE Amazing p6 - king Root
    ZTE Blade Apex - King Root
    ZTE Geek 4g - King Root
    ZTE Turkcell - King Root
    ZTE Grand S - King Root
    ZTE Star - King Root
    ZTE Star 1 - King Root
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 5, 2016
  2. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    Thanks for the info and share. Are these tested and proven?
  3. Yong para sa oppo r2001?

    Kasi yong kingroot ni root ko oppo r2001

    Katagalan nagkaroon ng virus sa system

    May nag pop up na mga apk ang nakasulat intsek

    Tapos walang delete sa apk na yon

    Karkula ko galing sa update ng kingroot ang virus
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  4. westraxx

    westraxx Eternal Poster Established

    Boss dami ko na rin na root na phone,,tested naman,,idea lng kung paano gagawin

    Paano ko va maidagdag yung iba,,di kasi lahat na post
    WildHeart025 likes this.
  5. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    Okay, sige. Just asking para alam ng mga members kung ano ang pinaka effective na way to root. Gawin natin itong sticky thread.


    Ipost comment mo na lang ulit tapos imerge ko na lang.
    merin likes this.
  6. westraxx

    westraxx Eternal Poster Established

    A big thanks boss
    Gusto lang makatulong
    I love PHC ;)
  7. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    post merged. iyan na ba lahat? hanggang letter Z right?
  8. westraxx

    westraxx Eternal Poster Established

    Yup,,update lang natin kung my bago
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  9. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    pa-observce na rin itong thread mo kasi for sure, maraming magtatanong
  10. westraxx

    westraxx Eternal Poster Established

    I will...
    borekek likes this.
  11. Boss pano i root ang CM Flare S3 Lite
  12. Bosz may pang root custom rom at firmware s cherry flare j1 plus?
    Android os nya 6.0 marshallow
    Kung myron po bosz pwede p enge ty po marami..
    erdyeih likes this.
  13. maanzeth

    maanzeth Addict Established

    (Lava iris 600) po ba meron kayong alam? Kase 3x nko nag attempt sa kingroot laging failed. Natakot nko umulit baka po kase ma bootloop aq.
    Pa help naman po plz...
  14. westraxx

    westraxx Eternal Poster Established

    ..kaya mo yan..

    *Easy way to root Cherry Mobile Flare S3 lite

    While there is a various way to root every Android device, here is the step by step rooting procedure for Cherry Mobile Flare S3 lite. Before you proceed you must do the following:

    1.Make sure your phone’s battery level is not below 15%.
    Go to Settings > Security > then check “Unknown sources”.

    2.Enable USB debugging by going to Settings > About > then tap the build number seven times. After that, you will see “Developer option” from Settings tap it and check “USB debugging”.
    Below method is for Kitkat version only


    1.Download and install the latest Kingroot application.

    2.Launch Kingroot and tap Root or green circle button. Make sure you have an active internet connection.

    3.Once the check icon appear. It means Cherry Mobile Flare X has been successfully rooted.
    Reboot your phone.

    4.Check your app drawer, Kinguser will be your root access manager bundled with other Chinese application. It was safe to remove though except for Kinguser.

    5.To verify your root access, you need to download any root checker application from Google play. Once you have confirmed that your device is already rooted...

    Follow nlng yung link::
    Login to view Links
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  15. westraxx

    westraxx Eternal Poster Established

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  16. boss pano po magRoot ng Starmobile Jump HD?
  17. Boss patulong sa asus zenfone laser2 asus_z00ld..thanks d pwedi yung frammaroot
  18. Cherry mobile flare j1 plus panu po iroot
  19. kryptonite1019

    kryptonite1019 Addict Established

    TS kingroot v4 din ba ang sa acer liquid z630s? thanks for sharing
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