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Tutorial Accesing steam, using psiphon handler android(tnt network) + pdanet + psiphon/hss/http injector

Discussion started by xXxJMRxXx, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. item requirements -

    1. Psiphon (any handler dapat hindi na cacapped)
    2. PDAnet for your pc and also for your android device.

    PDANET FOR PC --https://openload.co/f/hlllgjwl1kc/pdaneta4183.exe

    PDANET FOR ANDROID DEVICE --https://oql95j.oloadcdn.net/.../6j.../fee3uf4rmeu/base.apk

    FoxFi for pdanet apk to full version--https://openload.co/.../cuqs.../foxfi_key%5b1%5d_%281%29.apk


    Install PDAnet to your android device and to your PC, and also enable usb debugging on your android device → Install psiphon on your android device→ connect through internet using your psiphon(on your android device) → after connecting through psiphon, find PDAnet on your android device and open it then tap Activate USB Tether, wait until you can see a check mark thicked on it → now plug your android device to your pc → after plugging it open PDAnet for pc(run it as administrator), you can see it on your system tray, right click on it then choose connect wait until you are connected → after tethering your android device to your pc, now run Psiphon on your pc wait until psiphon connected → now you can access steam and update your games!

    enjoy :-)
  2. Nice thread, keep sharing ;)
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  3. Rgds121191

    Rgds121191 Forum Expert Established

    Nice thread..thanks boss
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  4. Thanks for sharing
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  5. thank for sharing boss.
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  6. your always welcome sir :-)

    your always welcome sir :-)

    your always welcome sir :-)

    your always welcome sir :-)

    your always welcome sir :-)
  7. Pwede ba to sa tm/globe network sir?
    xXxJMRxXx likes this.
  8. yup. any sim yan
  9. nice thread boss...
    xXxJMRxXx likes this.
  10. nakakapaglaro ng dota2?
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