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No prefix: points to ponder


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Oct 30, 2015
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1. forums like this are where members go to learn free internet tricks and share what they have learned from here/someone/somewhere else

2. not all newbies are spies, inasmuch as not all established members can be trusted not to leak to other sites what they see here. additionally, some newbies here are forum gurus (maybe even mods)
on other sites and admins of fb groups; conversely, some established members here might have just joined some other forums and are newbies there, too

3. rank does not exempt anyone from being suspected as telco spy/pìrâté for other forum/sharer for fb/owner of blogs sharing tricks to earn spare change from ads: the best way to see what's behind the spoiler is to become and stay established by posting with clarity and purpose

4. spies are everywhere, inasmuch as disgruntled telco employees are here too :ROFLMAO:

5. i would definitely not like phcorner transform to pmkcorner (pm mo ko corner); leechers be active please

\m/ much love to all 'sharing is caring'
comments are very much welcome


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Thanks for caring


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Dapat talaga hindi tinatangkilik ang mga pa pm thread, dun sa kabila nababanned ang mga ganung thread...


agree ako sau ts. kung mgsshare ay mgshare. kung s pili lng nman isshare sarilihin mo n lng.


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marami tinamaan dyan... tama po... wag nyo din ako pagkatiwalaan hahaha... promise... everybody is a suspect of being a spy... it's always up to the user to trust and untrust someone... the benefit of a doubt should be exercise at one way or another... goodluck guys....
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