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Setting up a psiphon handler proxy questions


Aug 1, 2016
I have a relative fine tv cable internet connection at home and would like to set up my own proxy server behind the router, so i can use my own internet proxy server with my phone
i want to do it on windows desktop but not sure where to find a good proxy server software that i can use for that, i had one i used before for http experiments but very old and tried it so:

I went and installed shttp.exe from smallsrv.com (of course i ignored all the antivirus paranoia about the software because i know the software for many years)
so after i installed it i dissabled all but the proxy server of this software tool and tested it with my computer and my phone via wifi conection, and it works well, the problem is when i use it as the Psiphon Handler proxy server, when i try to get it wo work on my phone with the mobile data conection, i get data flowing to the software but i get errors like this on the http.exe window log

lines like
Cannot get host by name cdlcfxvte
Cannot get host by name ihsqnybqehpfa
Cannot get host by name wmfamsbtr

or like
Call to connect to internet.(myispapnurl).com failed (10061) No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

or like this block of text in a row
!->01/08 00:18:27 [(mypublicipaddress):34411>8080] (t11 1252) >Error. Can't connect...
!->01/08 00:18:27 [(mypublicipaddress):34411>8080] (t11 1253) >Proxy in:1961 out:0

Call to connect to internet.(myispapnurl).com failed (10060) A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

!->01/08 00:18:27 [(mypublicipaddress):34407>8080] (t10 1255) >Error. Can't connect...

!->01/08 00:18:27 [(mypublicipaddress):34407>8080] (t10 1256) >Proxy in:1963 out:0

i tried doing with port 80 aswell and i did forward my ports properly to my windows desktop internal ip adress

any idea where i can look for my problem?


solved with "FreeProxy Internet Suite"

And it turns out psiphone tunnels through my connection proxy from the courrier, throught the psiphone servers, to the sites i visit on my phone,

Is there a way to avoid it tunneling to the servers of psiphone and only go to my conection only for the internet via proxy?


Jul 6, 2016
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