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Angels mu online

Discussion started by eljohn14, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Private server with 4 servers
    Vote reward system
    Grand Reset System

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    Server x10
    Exp: 10x

    Max level: 400
    Master exp: 5x
    Max Master LVL: 330
    Soul +luck= 90%
    Soul without luck= 70%
    Life =70% (+16 Max)

    No webshop, only ingame found items
    Xshop: Enabled
    Market: Sell your items to other players.
    Offtrade: Sell your items for Wcoins (enabled in devias only)
    Small spots: 5mobs on spots till icarus maps!
    Archangel items: Reward in BC (no exc)
    Sockets + Excelent = Disabled
    Goblin points= 1 point for 1 hour at mu online
    PVP= Default mu online style
    PVE= Default mu online style
    Post: 100lvl 50k zen

    Server x25
    Exp: x25; Master exp: x15

    From 400lvl, stats burns, free stats: 500 points (3kk zen*reset)
    Max resets: 30
    Max stats is with 50k points total!

    Grand resets:
    From 30 res max grand resets: 10, Grand reset bonus stats: 5000
    Grand reset bonus stats stays after GR and resets.

    Spots in all maps till icarus (4-5 mobs) after that in other maps 2x monster count as official server.
    No webshop!
    Cash shop: Simple (no lucky items)
    Offtrade for Wcoins: Devias maps

    Sockets +exc: Disabled
    380lvl +exc: Enabled
    Max life: +16

    Server x2000
    Master exp: 1500x

    Max resets: 75, Stats burns! Free stats: 500
    Dynamic resets: Less exp with higher resets!
    Reset: 0-10: 100% exp
    Reset: 11-20: 80% exp
    Reset: 21-30: 60% exp
    Reset: 31-40: 50% exp
    Reset: 41-50: 40% exp
    Reset: 51-60: 30% exp
    Reset: 61-70: 20% exp
    Reset: 71-75: 10% exp

    Grand reset: 75 Resets, Bonus 7500 stats+ 1000 Credits!
    Max grand resets: Unlimited

    Max stats: 32767
    Spots all maps: 4-5 Mobs per spot, Event maps: double exp, Mobs starting from icarus double HP/Def/Atatck!
    Offtrade in devias for Wcoins (command /off)
    Drops: Medals, box of luck, heart of love, silver/gold box, candy boxes, and more!

    Bosss drops: Ancient + excellent

    Grand Reset compensations info, if you played x750 or x500 you can get credits rewards for GR that you made! For each grand reset that you made you will get 300 credits!
  2. Pang android po yan?
  3. pc po
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