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Tutorial How to make: globe/tm/smart/tnt/sun .ehi

Discussion started by xiaolinfiu, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Globe/TM Default .EHI File Updated: 07-30-16
    SMART/TNT Default . EHI File Updated: 07-29-16
    SUN .EHI File Updated: 07-29-16

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    nasa loob nyan ang full instruction!

    To GLOBE/TM Spy Kiddo: hahahaha. hawak ko database nyu. wag kayong ano jan. baka gusto nyu i-publish ko dito sa mga blog.

    xiaolinfiu - NO SYSTEM IS SAFE!
  2. thanks for the info boss....
  3. thanks dito ! downloading

    awts blo2ck ng antivirus ko yung file!
  4. thanks for sharing
  5. Kukosapaa

    Kukosapaa Addict Established

    Cannot open file :(
    Newbie here :(
  6. Bakit puro accounts?
  7. Pwede without load?
  8. mackzzzz

    mackzzzz Addict Established

    Mali ka ata ng nai upload ts haha puro Gmail account haha :banghead: :ROFLMAO:
  9. Delete muna ito sir kawawa naman may ari ng mga acc na yan. Or baka sinadya mo pang eto para ma**** mga acc. na yan
  10. waw sila yung mga spy
  11. boss ravage pakicheck ang attached file content nito hindi appropriate
  12. 2pacAmaruShakur

    2pacAmaruShakur Addict Established

  13. Ectoplasm

    Ectoplasm Forum Veteran Established

    Wow accounts ng mga yahoo email?
  14. 2pacAmaruShakur

    2pacAmaruShakur Addict Established

  15. @You must be logged in to view this content
    Please make a good tut on how to make ehi for smart updated instead...
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