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List of url/host

Discussion started by jkevin10, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. tnt/smart/sun payload & proxy hanap lang jan
    g4-nerv1.opera-mini.net*.g4-nerv2.opera-mini.net*.global-1.beta.opera-mini.net*.global-4-lvs-gehirn.opera-mini.net*.global-4-lvs-nerv2.opera-mini.net*.global-4-lvs-seele.opera-mini.net*.global-4- lvs-seele-1.server4.operamini.com*.
    server4-7.operamini.com*.global-4-lvs-turing-2.opera-mini.net*.global-4-lvs-turing-3.opera-mini.net*.global-4-lvs-turing-5.opera-mini.net*.global-4-lvs-turing-30.opera-mini.net*.global-4-lvs-turing-40.opera-mini.net*.global-4-lvs-turing-50.opera-mini.net*.global-4-lvs-turing-63.opera-mini.net*.global-turbo-1-lvs-usa.beta.opera-mini.net*.global-turbo-1-lvs-usa.beta.opera-mini.net*.global-turbo-1.beta.opera-mini.net*.global-turbo-1-lvs-gehirn.opera-mini.net*.global-turbo-1-lvs-usa.beta.opera-mini.net*.global-turbo-1-lvs-usa.opera-mini.net*.gwt-t.opera-mini.net*.labs1-turbo.beta.opera-mini.net*.lab13- turbo.beta.opera-mini.net*.lvs.opera-mini.net*.lvs-usa.beta.opera-mini.net*.mini.beta.opera-mini.net*.mini5beta.opera-mini.net*.mini5-1.opera-mini.net*.mini5-3.opera-mini.net *.mobitel-cust.opera-mini.net*.mega-2.server4-2.operamini.com141.0.11.242 *.mega-3.server4-3.operamini.com *.mega-3.mini5-3.opera-mini.net141.0.11.243*.mega-5.server4-5.operamini.com*.meteor.beta.opera-mini.net*.mxo.opera.com*.net.beta.opera-mini.net*.ns.net.beta.opera-mini.net*.nokiaovi-cust.opera-mini.net*.nokia-s40-6-cust.opera-mini.net*.nokia-s40-7-cust.op

    Like namn dyan :D
  2. sha r

    sha r Honorary Poster Established

    naku baka daanan ng spy yan.. lahat yan makatay..erase mu nlng boss hanggat maga pa

    naku baka daanan ng spy yan.. lahat yan makatay..erase mu nlng boss hanggat maga pa
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  3. San mo nakita ito tol ? Tanggalin mo na , makakatay na yan , parang si takatack , capping na , hanggang 10mb lang.
  4. Hala! another opera domain same ng kay miss slimshady...:eek:
    Isang sweep lang yan katay lahat yan Itago nyo! haha
  5. Janedwelroe

    Janedwelroe Enthusiast Established

    close nyu na po.. please,..
  6. salamat sa share ts.
  7. pagkatapos ma close ang thread ni thereal_slimshady eto na naman isang pasikat:banghead:
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  8. Salamat boss...
  9. Ano maganda gamitin boss kai smart??
  10. To much exposure can lead to worst case scenarios, so be ready if your payloads or proxies won't work anymore.

    Dami pa naman working diyan na alam kong ginagamit ng karamihan on-off this site.

    Note: Discovery requires experimentation.
  11. Kahit makatay yan boss madaming back up yan na di niya ibinahagi. Kilala ko po yang ts hihi
  12. bekoy

    bekoy Eternal Poster Established

    ayos to boss ;) ty
  13. Isang screenshot lang yan katay yan haha; )
  14. bekoy

    bekoy Eternal Poster Established

    isang post lang sa FB nian iyak na agad :D
  15. Galing yan sa fb group nya ibinahagi nya dito hahaha
  16. Logan06

    Logan06 Forum Veteran Established

    thanks for sharing boss..
  17. bekoy

    bekoy Eternal Poster Established

    hahaha ayun lang :D
  18. repost na ato ito , try niyo hanapin thread ni miniski :D
  19. I understand you completely, being inside the "Information Technology arena we all know that "back-up" plays a vital role in this field. I'm just concerned to the people relying only to those proxies and trying their best to keep it incognito for personal matters.

    Note: Discovery requires experimentation.
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