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Biology Facts & Trivia

Princess Hart

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May 13, 2016
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  • Even a 270 kg (600lb) Octopus can squeeze through a small coin-size hole.

  • The largest organ of the human body is the skin.

  • Most of us have harmless microscopic mites (Demodex) living in our eyebrows.

  • The lizard Tuatara has a third eye for ultraviolet light (called a parietal eye.)

  • The biggest seed in the world is the Coco de mer (weighing up to 18 kg.)

  • Babies are born with more bones than adults.

  • The largest single living organism in the world is the Honey Mushroom fungus in Oregon, USA (covering 8.4 km and growing for 2,400 years.)

  • The water animal Hydra never gets old, and can live forever.

  • Alligators give birth to females in cold temperatures and to males when it's hot.

  • The right half of the
brain controls the left side of our body muscles, and the left controls the right.

  • A red blood cell takes 20 seconds to circulate around the human body.

  • The average speed of a sneeze is around 160 km(100 mi) per hour.

  • Dolphins and whales don't drink water.

  • The ovum (female egg cell) is the largest cell in the human body.

  • The length of your thumb is about the same as that of your nose .




Wow, 20 seconds for a single red blood cell to circulate inside the body? Amazing!


Wow sinearch ko pa ung hydra kasi na curious ako hehe. Salamat ts! At salamat sa science!

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