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Tutorial Guide in Posting a New Topic/Thread

Discussion started by derx, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    Many of us do know how to create a topic, but doesn't know what is the right section for that topic. Thus, many new threads are created in a wrong section and it needs to be moved by our Moderators and/or Administrators.

    The below details are guide for members especially new members in posting a new topic/thread in this site.

    Figure 1. The view of the entire forum (Home Page)

    To start creating your thread, first, you should know what kind of topic you should be posting. Know what is the overall thought of the information you will be including in the thread. Since most of the topics are all about Internet and Networks, we will use these sections as an example.

    Figure 2. Network and Computer Internet Sections

    In Figure 2, you can see two sections, Network Operator Corner and Computer Internet Corner. For an example, you will create a thread that is all about tricks or tutorials on how to get a free Mobile Internet, you can post it to the sections under Network Operator Corner enclosed by blue square.

    But, if your thread is all about questions, inquiry like you are asking a question; how to this and how to do that, you may post your thread to the sections under Network Operator Corner enclosed by red.

    Just remember the clue words:
    > If your thread is an informative thread, which means, you are giving idea, knowledge and information, post it under sections just like the ones enclosed in Blue.
    > If your thread is a declarative thread, which means, you are asking question or verifying something, post it under sections just like the ones enclosed in Red.

    Figure 3. Sub-sections under each Sections.

    In Figure 3, you will notice that there are sections each corner that contains sub-sections. So, if the thread that you will be creating will be included in a section with sub-sections, please choose the right sub-section.

    In our example, we have the Android Phones Section, and under it there's a lot of categories.
    Android Internet Tricks - All threads under here are all about Android Internet Tricks (from its name). Free internet, legit connections, internet bugs, etc.
    Android Questions - Of course, all threads under here are inquiries about Android platform, mobile, etc.
    Android Applications - All shared threads about Android applications (unmodded, modded, free, paid, etc.)
    Android Games - Shared games of android (unmodded, modded, free, paid, etc)
    Android Themes - Mobile themes, wallpapers for android were here.
    Android Firmware & ROMs - If you are sharing OR asking for firmware and/or ROM, you can post your thread here.
    Android Unlocking & Rooting - If you are sharing OR asking about unlocking and/or rooting your android device, this is the right sub-section to post your thread.

    Always, always, always remember to look for the correct section/sub-section before creating your thread.

    This is only a detailed tutorial on how to create your thread on the right section/sub-section. You may also want to read our Posting Guidelines found here: Login to view Links

    I know there are still minor things that are not included here, so feel free to post your questions and I will update the tutorial. :y:
  2. napapa english na si Chin0 :sneaky:
    nice post though (y)
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  3. Announcement, nice guide boss.
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  4. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    Ang galing mo boss magandang guide to para sa lahat.. (y)
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  5. pagod ka na ba maglipat??:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    buti mabait na ko..pero thanks pa din dito Chin0 myloves
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  6. creedito

    creedito Forum Guru Established

    salamat (y) dito sir :D
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  7. maraming salamat po bossing
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  8. feeling ko nga din ate jeanh, napagod na to kakalipat sa mga thread mo kaya nagpaparamdam na . heheh .

    Chin0, nice thread. (y) madaming sapul nito . :cat:
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  9. madame kasing hnaej move hahaha..wrong thread
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  10. salamat boss kabang (Y) dami matutulungan to lalo na sa mga newbies :P
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  11. reyha4ever

    reyha4ever Addict Established

    thanks po boss.. i will do that..(y)
  12. Naku sorry Mali pla post ko XD cenxa na po

    Try for guide
  13. AsianPro

    AsianPro Addict Established

    You must Read !!
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  14. thanks sir sa guide..
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