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Globe Wimax Information:BSID Tracking ,Frequency and related Terms about WIMAX CONNECTION & Signal


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Apr 3, 2013
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Globe Wimax BTS Tracking

How to track BTS/BSID or Base Station ID or Globe Tower:

This tutorial is how to tune your antenna on the right path according on the available BTS in your area, for signal strength effectiveness.

ADDITIONAL INFO: 4G data networks using Long Term Evolution (LTE) or WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a wireless communications standard designed to provide 30 to 40 megabit-per-second data rates, providing up to 1 Gbit/s for fixed stations. It is a part of a “fourth generation,” or 4G, of wireless-communication technology. WiMax far surpasses the 30-metre (100-foot) wireless range of a conventional Wi-Fi local area network, offering a metropolitan area network with a signal radius of about 50 km (30 miles) 3G networks that descended from GSM. 3GPP technologies evolved as follows. • General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) offered speeds up to 114 Kbps. • Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) reached up to 384 Kbps. • UMTS Wideband CDMA (WCDMA) offered downlink speeds up to 1.92 Mbps. • High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) boosted the downlink to 14Mbps.


EXAMPLE of plotted BTS in your area (from your destination to available BTS)
blue - your location (mandaluyong)
red - available bts



track down your location using google maps
- right click on google map where your located at,
- choose "direction from here"



open the cell id list

- control f to find your location for example "eastwood" "quezon city"
- copy longtitude and latitude

back to google map

- copy and paste longtitude and latitude of bts location on B or destination latitude first then comma space
and longtitude
- then click GET DIRECTIONS



* search mo lang tung cell id sa google map if kung ano pa malapit sa lugar niyo at para malaman mo gaano kalapit sa area mo
* dahil dito matatapat mo na yung antenna mo sa pinakamalapit na bts
* after mo maitapat sa bts na yun, check mo modem gui mo for details much better if take note mo ung BSID at signal strength nya at ung connect frequency, para pwede mo maforce connect yung modem sa bts na yun if sa tingin mo na stable at mabilis ka dun, remember hindi lahat ng araw stable dun sa bts na yun kasi minsan mabagal ka dun sa kadahilanan na congested na or marami nang nakaconnect or minsan walang connection dahil maintenance yung bts n yun kaya hahanap ka ng ibang bts, no choice eh, kaya magtyatyga ka sa ibang bts or hayaan mo na lang mscan automatically yung modem.

* and one more concern, depende ka rin sa area mo baka dame humaharang or mga building or high establishment na nakaharang sa pinakamalapit na bts mo, apektado rin ang signal mo... if ganun mangyari, i lihis mo lng ng pakonti konti signal mo bka mkakuha ng masmaganda..

* every time na magcoconect yung modem ngscan siya gamit ang connect frequency every connect frequency has a bts id kaya kada power on mo iba iba ang bsid mo kung saan ka nakaconnect.
* saka kapag naDC ka, since iilan lang scanset mo, magfoforce connect sya dun sa gusto mong bts gamit ang connect frequency para sa kanya

* papano mag force connect on your desired bts.
- access your modem gui as admin then on the bottom left side ng gui
click WIMAX
choose SCANSET
- remove other DL frequency under expert scan mode
- maglagay ka ng isa, dalawa, or tatlo na frequency para sa gusto mong bts

remember: back up default seven scanset para alam mo if ano ilalagay mo

connect frequency ~ bsid it depends in your area

2507500 KHz BSID 01:00:1
2602000 KHz BSID 00:01:2
2612000 KHz BSID 01:0e:3
2638000 KHz BSID 01:01:4
2622000 KHz BSID 0f:1a:5
2505000 KHz BSID b1:12:6
2510000 KHz BSID 1d:1a:7

for example nakatapat na antenna ko sa pinakamalapit na bts,
ang connect frequency na ginagamit niya is 2602000,
dahil yun yung connect frequency niya ang nakukuha niyang BSID is 00:01:2
pwede ko siyang maforce connect lagi sa bsid na yun using connect frequency.

in my case... tatlo lang iniwan ko pero isa lang yung lagi nagkokoconnect, dati apat yan palitan sila pero bumagal kapag tanghali na DL rate niya is 40kbps average of 60kbps unlike yung scanset frequency ko ngayon kahit tanghaling tapat DL lang ok naman speed up to 140kbps minimum of 70kbps and average of 110kbps, hindi na masama...
magdepende kayo sa lugar niyo if ano ang ginagamit ng bts connect frequency nyo, before kayo magbawas.


procedure to remember

Install the antenna on area with clear view of the donor cell (WIMAX BTS) as much as possible. (more blocked by high establishment, less signal strength)
Point the antenna directly on the donor cell (WIMAX BTS) (for easy detection and connection to sync from modem to bts)
Adjust the up and down tilt of the antenna if necessary (kasi hindi naman sobrang patag ng kinakatauyaan eh, saka iba iba height ng bts, please refer to cell id reference)

Use the modem LED indicator and modem GUI WIMAX status to find the best
signal and link quality while adjusting the position of the antenna. You can adjust
the up and down tilt of the antenna. The following are the preferred WIMAX
RSSI: -57.5 dBm to -47.5 dBm (LED Status Indicator: Four LEDs on)
DL_FEC: 16-QAM(CTC)1/2 ~ 64-QAM(CTC)3/4

ngayon alam mo na, pwede ka na umakyat sa taas ng bubong niyo at itutok ung antenna :D
saka remember if madae nakaharang mababa din signal strength mo. idagdag mo pa yung hindi mo alam if nasaan ang BTS sa lugar nyo, pero at least alam mo san itutok antenna at mkakakuha ka ng dagdag signal strength.

If ikaw lang mag isa gagawa at magiikot ng antenna mo sa taas at walang magchecheck nang signal strength mo via modem gui,

install ka ng teamviewer sa pc/laptop at sa android phone or any wifi capable phone DL mo via android market apps You must register or login to view this.

remotely access mo yung pc mo via android phone to check modem gui

note: if nahanap mo na yung pinakamataas ng signal strength unti unti mo na lang galawin.. rotate mo centimeter by centimeter, if magalaw mo ng todo yung antenna mawawala ka sa connected frequency, dahil dun maiiba na naman bsid mo, saka if gagamit ka ng teamviwer naka user define yung password nang teamviewer mo sa pc/laptop, para hindi ka na baba ng bubong para alamin ang random password ng teamviewer mo, cp lang kasama mo sa bubong ok na at malakas na wifi signal

Wimax Signal Issues and Concerns [get your perfect BSID]

For Educational Purposes only

Wimax signal
Ano ba ang basehan mo para sa malakas na signal at mabilis n download rate?!

sabi nila: (based on internet information)
sabi ni expert no.1
CINR stands for Carrier to Interference-plus-Noise Ratio (CINR), expressed in decibels (dBs). CINR is a measurement of signal effectiveness. We use the CINR score to tell us the signal quality received by the modem.

The higher the number the better signal quality you are receiving. You need at minimum a CINR of 8 or greater to receive consistent service. A CINR score of 18 or higher is considered excellent signal quality.

RSSI stands for Received signal strength indicator RSSI is a measurement of the power present in a received radio signal. We use RSSI score to tell us the strength of signal your modem is receiving.

A RSSI score of -100dBm reflects poor signal strength, a score of -50dBm is an excellent RSSI score and reflects a strong signal.

sabi ni expert no.2
RSSI = received signal strength indicator
which is basically "level of received signal" strength in dBm

CINR = Carrier to Interference+Noise Ratio
which is basically "signal to noise ratio" in dB
RSSI from -50 to -85 dBm
-- you want RSSI to be closer to -50 than to -85

CINR from 10 to 30 dB
-- you want CINR to be closer to 30 than to 10
-- any value of 20 or more can be considered a "good signal"
-- any value of 15 or less will probably trigger your modem to try to swap to another tower

1Mbps connection with RSSI of -79.50 and CINR of 12.56 is marginal.

sabi ni Hari ng mundo expert
Signal Strength

here's my explanation!
wimax status


3x times speed test


* 3x suggested speedtest to conduct
then speedtest 1 + speedtest 2 + speedtest 3 = Total * 20%
answer nun is normal download rate mo, or pass pa rin based sa guidelines ni hari ng mundo

ping test -n 50 (ping You must register or login to view this. -n 50)


* lower than 300ms is pass s download rate "any bandwidth"

"Signal Strength"

ngayon balik tayo kay wimax status
sabi ni technician dapat 100% signal po para mabilis!!
eh walang joke tested ko na yung ganung pamamaraan, lalong bumagal internet ko.
why kasi based on my experience kailangan din tingnan si CINR, if mataas yun ibig sabihin madae interference at magiging prone sa intermittent conncection

"Connect Frequency"
sabi ni technician kapag mataas un like 26000 something
mabilis internet mo
eh walang joke frequency yun eh para skin siya ung channel mo para makahanap ng BSID


* on my experience higher the RSSI the lower ping latency you will get

RSSI: range of -60dBm or below but not more than -70dBm it may give you a higher ping or late response from the BTS

preferred dl_ul rate
DL_FEC: 16-QAM(CTC)1/2 ~ 64-QAM(CTC)3/4

but sometimes even you have this value you'll not able to get a higher dl rate due to BTS and Signal status
QPSK 3/4 is much better rather than QPSK 1/2

UP_FEC: QPSK (CTC)3/4 is better but it doesn't matter since ang taas talaga nito, depende na lang sa frequency na papasukan if mkakapag bigay nang magandang ul rate

DL_FC are measured how far BTS from your location.


This certain value is referring to DL rate or speedtest not IDM rate and if you've able to acquired quality signal this would be the value you will get.

QPSK 1/2 - 1kbps to 2mbps
QPSK 3/4 - 2 to 3mbps (most often sa non peak hours specially sa madaling araw, if peak hours 500kbps to 2mbps)
16-QAM(CTC)1/2 - based on my experience (1mbps) mas pipiliin ko pa makakuha ng QPSK 3/4 (siguro mas benefit dito yung "VIP" MAC)
16-QAM(CTC)3/4 - 4-6mbps ("VIP" MAC will get this dl rate)
64-QAM(CTC)1/2, 2/3 or 3/4 - 6-12mbps ("VIP" MAC will get this dl rate)

if your mac is "VIP" there's a possible that you will get a quality dl rate but still it depend on the status of your signal.

Eto po mga boss kapag mahina ang signal mo ay tataas ang power kase mas tinataasan niya yon para makakuha nang magandang signal based on my experience sa wimax eh mga 26 dbm ang preffered with -63rssi at 25-26 all cinr mas maganda signal mo mas mahina uminit ang modem mas mataas mas madali uminit at malakas kumonsumo nang power

Base Station ID or Cell ID

Eto po yung kinokonekan nating tower .. kapag marae kang frequency maghananap nang ibang BSID yan at frequency pero mas suggested ko ang lock na frequency kung saan doon pinakamakas ang signal mo


Kung May suggestion po kayo dito suggest lang

For Educational Purposes po mga KA PHC :D

Credits din sa mga nakabuo neto at sa mga kinuhanan ko nang picture at yung ibang nag explain para di mahirap ipaliwanang :D -BH :)

Dagdag Kaalaman



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sa mga may gustong matuto pero sa mga mac lang ang habol for sure deadma yan whahaha
sana di sayang effort :sneaky: kung tayo lang alam na natin yan eh haha


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hahaha,,, mahalagang malaman ng lahat yan para matuto silang gumamit ng tama sa signal nila :)


pa bookmark nito partner ha? basahin ko po to salamat sa pag share para maragdagan yong ka-alaman namin ty


Binasa ko pero, di ko magets. Haha. Anyway at least alam ko na yung signal strength
-50dbm best signal na. Sakin -89 chineck ko palang. Bagal naman. :/

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