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  1. Z

    Tutorial Sharing my favorite websites about programming.

    Hello mga sir/mam. share ko lang sa inyo yung mga site na sa tingin ko is talagang may napupulot ako kahit papano. :) Tutorials/dev sites: w3schools w3resource asp snippets scrimba dev.to allitebooks Api/resources/etc: json placeholder ui gradients flat ui colors bootswatch bootsnipp codepen...
  2. J

    Android App Tutorial Spotify Premium and Spotify music Downloader (ALL FREE)(2019)

    Hi guys so this is my channel. Please subscribe to my channel for more videos ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Spotify premium (Free Download) 2019 https://phc.onl/#forbidden#/3vnMtyRuk9o -----------------------------------------------------------------------...
  3. A

    the best website in RP TO HUNT

    Magandanf gabi mga ka phc open.for leechers na nmn pra sa advance learners hanap kayo dito ng Remote Proxy nyo. https://hidester.com/proxylist/ https://blackarch.org/proxy.html http://tools.rosinstrument.com/proxy/?rules http://proxies.org/ http://proxy-base.org/...
  4. A


    FOR FAST APN FOR SUN, SMART AND TNT ONLY use this apn settings APN NAME: ANY APN: ns3.pldt.net or may isa din kayong choice pili lang sa dalawa APN NAME: any APN: ns1.smartbro.net
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    Free 10mb everyday

    Good evening mga ka phc maligayang sabado sa inyo eto.na.open for all leechers wala ng paligoy ligoy pa free 10MB everyday all networks 0.freebasics.com or internet.org enjoy.using of free internet everyday
  6. A

    APN tricks all net for no blocking and capping

    Fast apn to all networks To avoid blocking and capping Use this apn settings Apn name: WIFINET häçk APN: then click save or done enjoy fast surfing and no blocking and capping note. sa gumagamit lng to.ng load or data Credits to W I FI NET H ACKSfor sharing this on her fb page
  7. A


    Wala ng paligoy ligoy mga ka PHC Open for all leechers at established para fair Free Facebook without load or promo any browser will do 1st step. Go to settings&privacy 2nd. Click Personal information 3rd. Manage account 4th. click deactivate 5th. CLICK OR SELECT This is temporary. I'll...
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    Tutorial Globe & TM Paano nga ba pagpatungin ang existing data sa newly loaded promo (GS50)

    So ayun, ilang beses ko na na-test ito at kumagat naman. Bale 'yung existing data mo ipapatong mo sa kaka pa-load mo lang na promo. Ito na ang steps : 1. Kapag malapit na ma-expire ang promo mo, mag Data bal ka muna to check kung ilang data pa ang pwede mong magamit. 2. Text GS STOP to 8080...
  9. T

    Tutorial Website with video tutorials

    http://techdiscoveryph.blogspot lagyan ng .com after blogspot
  10. A

    Android App All in one app

    All in one apps ♥ You can access all sites like; SoftEther SSH SSL Philippines RP Ss LINK: If you don't know how to make Configs You can download this apps too More power to all phc members and staffs!
  11. I

    Tutorial HTML, CSS & JS Css | tool-tip without any java-script

    Today, I would like to show you that we can have a tool-tip effect using just CSS, please see the sample output shown below: In addition to this, I would like to set your expectation, that I will be using SCSS for us to save time on getting this task done. For more details what is SCSS, you...
  12. G

    Help Premium nêtflïx / spotify tut anyone

    anyone may tutorial paano gumawa ng premium accounts for spotify or nêtflïx via credit card or other payment method pls . advance thank you if meron po :)
  13. A

    Tutorial Android App Ex-tutorials (elucidated)

    Ex-Tutorials (elucidated) Is app that help and guide you to create EHI configs KTR configs and also Tutorials for creating Domain of your Hosting sites ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Updated August 16, 2018 Size : 16.71 M Current Version 1.0 Requires Android: Lollipop and up Content Rating: Rated...
  14. H

    Tutorial Guys help naman pano ko malalagay yung pic sa layout.xml

    Nagprapratice po ko mag MOD. Pano ko po mapapalit yung pics ko sa .XML ? Tsaka pano po yung size ?? Salamat po
  15. J

    Tutorial Android App Paturo naman kung paano makagawa ng spotify acct please.

    Good Day ka PHC. Sa mga my puso dyan baka namam pwede paturo gumawa ng premipr acct kay Spotify please. Salamat sa inyo.
  16. K

    Tutorial Apn? tm/android

    may config po ba kayo diyan ng APN na working? thanks
  17. G

    Tutorial ehi How to get random ehis, apps, vids with data file host

    Hey guys, I just wanna share this https://www.datafilehost.com/demo/public/ga If you click the link you'll see the trending downloads from datafilehost.com Though itsi kinda risky since we have no idea who uploaded the file, BUT It does give me free stop like premium apps, freshly uploaded...
  18. R

    Tutorial Tools VPN Vpn tethering through wi-fi (no roor required)

    Hello po, gusto ko lang po sanang e share kung paanu e route or e tether yng VPN through Wifi ng walang root. Follow nalang po yng steps salamat. Setting up the server. [/SPOILER] Connecting to server. [/B] Don't hesitate to ask question's.
  19. C

    Tutorial Tools Easy method-b315 modem flashing custom/modify firmware

    Custom Firmware link https://www.mediafire.com/file/9ni9yta98d4zspj/B315+Custom.rar Tutorial here https://phc.onl/#forbidden#/MCX6CSmnoVY
  20. K

    Tutorial Globe & TM Automatic lte only or 3g only (magandang gamitin para sa mahihina kumuha ng signal)

    Just want to share this post. Sawa kana ba mag hanap ng LTE Connection sa Android Phone mo? Or 3G Connection? Gusto mo ba, stable lang sya sa LTE or 3G? Pwes narito na. (TESTED SAMSUNG DEVICES) Kung yung iba, mag dial pa ng *#*#4636#*#* para ma stable lang yung LTE or 3G for other devices...
  21. F

    Visit me and my threads/post for spotify accs, vpns accs,tutorials, jailbreak, app alternatives.

    Good day mga papsi at mamsi!! Keep in touch sa mga post / thread ko. I will do my best para makatulong sainyo mga ka phc. Lets do this! More shares comming from me! If there are any questions feel free na mag reply sa threads / post ko! MAY MGA POST ako , visit niyo nalang stay stuned...
  22. X

    Tutorial Globe & TM How to creat ⚡⚡ultrafast⚡⚡ private network

    So yan guyz magandang gabi sa inyo so nasa video na po ang Tutorials para di na kayo mahirapan para sa mga newbie jan ito na kailangan niyo so yan nalang guyz God Blessed You All!!! WATCH ME NENENE!!!
  23. S

    Help Payload tutorials

    Paano po ba makakauha ng gumagana na payload sa globe yung dina kailangan ng load?
  24. T

    Help Okay?

    Paano po ba gumawa ng sariling .ehi? Thanks po in advance...:)
  25. B

    Tutorial Playload for no load/promo. tsamba tsamba lang!!

    Payload for Globe and TM business.globe.com.ph - use this on Globe Switch App directory.google.com asia.google.com d.google.com tv.google.com archive.google.com landing.google.com download .google.com www4.google.com d.google.com w.google.com ap.google.com wave2.google.com...
  26. P

    Tutorial Unlimited bugs payload para masaya.not gsbugs..pagsawaan mo na!!!

    Updated methods and all network bugs that you can use for: Http injector Kpn tunnel ultimate Kpn tunnel Rev Openvpn Eproxy Brandvpn Etc;.. Method1. GET http://Bug.com/ HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host: Bug.com[crlf][crlf]CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf][crlf] Method2. CONNECT [host_port]...
  27. D

    Smart Paano po yung .ehi?

    Bago lang po ako dito :) Paano po yung .ehi na nakikita ko sa mga post? ano ano po kaya ddownload ko? Thank you. Paturo na din po
  28. M

    Tutorial Para sa accounting students that needs help

    Para sa mga accounting students na kailangan ng tulong sa accounting subjects, post lang kayo ng questions niyo dito. Tutulungan ko kayo kapag may free time ako. Wala kasi masyado nagpopost about sa accounting subjects. Wag magalit kung di kaagad makakareply kasi may trabaho ako. Hindi ko rin...
  29. P

    Tutorial Android App Openvpn full modding tutorials(creat your own moddefied openvpn apps)

    Morning po.;) Share ko lang po kung san ako kumuha ng tutorials on how to create personal openvpn apps;) If you are going to create your own apps,will this is the place App ui designer here;) http://apk-dl.com/app-ui-designer Axel(xml editor) here;)...
  30. H

    Tutorial How to root & flash custom recovery + all changes saved 2018

    Hello Share ko lang <3 Godbless For Tut How to Create your own Ehi Visit my Thread https://www.phcorner.net/threads/471286/ -Power -Payaman
  31. P

    5 steps to make suitable connection

    #1 **Change Your Server Location** Almost every VPN gives you the option to change which server you are connecting to. But let’s say ang current location mo is in Phillipines and your VPN is connecting to a server in New york. By simply changing to a server that is physically located closer to...
  32. L

    Extend 30 days, gs switch no load mga ka ph, d na kelangang magpa-load

    EXTEND 30 Days, GS SWITCH NO LOAD MGA KA PH, d na kelangang magpa-load Advance Merry New Year sa lahat Nanjan screenshot sa upload ko yan po PRoof mga Ka PH
  33. L

    Unlock any samsung galaxy s8, s7, s6, s5, s4, s3… | passcode & network unlock! without using any app

    Unlock ANY Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S6, S5, S4, S3… | Passcode & Network Unlock! without using any app credit to: UnlockRiver.com Ipo Full-SHARE ko na Happy New Year, Kalat na to, di lang alam ng IBA I search sa yôutubê:) Unlock Any Android Device without Apps" Watch tutorials here very easy to...
  34. P

    Anong sites mas madali ang pag create ng ssh account na mas matagal

    Gusto ko rin ma experience gumawa niro na ipapamahagi sa in yo.. Baka makagawa ako yung talagang premium.. Salamat..
  35. P

    Wala po bang free load tutorial diyan....?

    Bilis maubos load ko kasi .. Nagbabasakaling may nalalaman kayo Para may balance akong piso..
  36. P

    Bat ayaw sa akin ang imfree?

    Na stuck ako sa panghuling entering number di ako maka proceed.. patulong mga paps.
  37. E

    How to make a an ehi file?

    Pwede po paturo kung paano gumawa ng ehi file? Comments and Feedbacks lang po. Thanks and God bless!
  38. S

    Ultimate guide for android rooting / flashing ☩☩

    W E L C O M E P H C F O L K S ! This guide will help you to maximize your Android device and enable the Admin rights as well. I've seen this guide in Google and I am sharing this to you guys. Android is what we use and love on daily basis. Android has been universally loved by its user...
  39. N

    Injector tricks for mobile legends

    Tonight ill share a very informative info on how im playing mobile legends no lag. The injector plays around 99ms-135ms.TESTED BY ME Requirements Globo or karepublika simms(2pcs) Globe switch app Injector Pocket wifi Firstly use the sim cards simultaneously by using rewards throug globo...
  40. P

    Using blackberry imei for free data?

    Reason to change/convert your device's IMEI number, 1. Make you device untraceable and unreachable, 2. Convert Android IMEI to Blackberry IMEI to use GLO BIS plan, 3. Fix invalid IMEI number problem on any devices, 4. Reset/Update/Repair your Device, 5. Getting an Unique device ID. How to...
  41. G

    Pahelp po!! .ehi and .prx files

    Newbie here. Mga sir/maam pwede po ba makahingi ng tutorials and tips kung pano mapagana ang .ehi files na na dl ko and .prx files sa android. TM sim gamit ko po. Sana matulungan nyo ko kailangan po kase sa pangresearch ko po mahal kase gs50 :, ( hehe salamat po at magandang gabi sainyong lahat :)
  42. N

    How to use sscap?

    Pano po gamitin SSCAP? Pwedi pa tut.? TIA.
  43. W

    Latest injector tutorials with pictures

    Ka phc eto pinag gagawa ko sa injector app ko. Sana gumana sa inyo. Please like lang po kong pasok! Kong hindi feedback lang! This is for Gtm promos!UDP SSH ONLY Go to settings of evozi Gayahin settings ko sa set dns Udpgw port enter 25000 Gayahin lang custom route ko Sa bind local...
  44. 0

    Archive of lynda_dot_com.

    This is an archive of lynda . com tutorials. PLEASE SEED! UNTIL YOU BLEED. There are some courses that is ongoing de-drm and re-syncing, It may fail when played, preview a single file first before downloading it all. However if you downloaded it all then find out it was unplayable, just...
  45. K

    How to fix "sign in to network notification"

    Magandang Araw mga ka-Tambay ng PHC! nahihirapan or na-iirita na ba kayo sa "Sign in to network" na notifications ? If oo, nasa tamang thread ka! So please follow lang po ung steps sa baba! Requirements: Pocket wifi (smart,globe,sun etc.) Android Device Brain.exe Note* Di mo ma-aacess...
  46. P

    Free internet bug tricks kay globe/tm step by step tested and proven with ssh sites

    para sa mga hindi pa nakakaalam ng new bug trick kay GTM hito na ang thread na hinahanap mo..... ok ano mga kailangan: -globe swith app-sa play store meron nyan or kahit dito sa phc marami nyan hanap nalang kayo -http injector app - marami di nyan dito or sa play store sure meron nyan -any...
  47. B

    100gb shadowsocks account

    Sorry po mga admins inedit ko na lang po at yung ss account na lang itinira ko. Sorry po talaga hindi ko po alam eh. Kakaopen ko lang po kasi ng PHC ko at nakita ko po yung site na yun sa mga sources ko at hindi ko po iyun inaangkin. Sorry po talaga. Mga admins. Manual config for postern...
  48. J

    Sir paturo!

    Sa mga established po diyan, pa turo naman po ng EHI na pang TM yung lifetime na kahit 10 pesos lang for 3 days is ok na. Thank you sa makaka help☺
  49. Z

    20gb para lang sayo! solo mo. gusto mo? pasok!

    https://www.phcorner.net/t/pasok-ka-bibigyan-kita-ng-sarili-mong-20gb-na-account-dali.339972/ Like and Feedback nalang guys. Aasahan ko yan. :):)
  50. N

    Geek app häçking tutorial news for android phone

    Geek App häçking Tutorial News for Android Phone... Geek App is a step by step guide that explains different häçking techniques and keeps you updated with latest technology news. This application is equipped with picture and videos for your better understanding. Also, apart from other...