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tutorials for pc

  1. J

    Download torrent using your (non torrent vpn connection)

    Here Step By Step: First Login to This https://www.seedr.cc/ Site Using your FB or sign up your email. Then Copy Any Torrent Magnet Link that you wanna download Then Paste it to the Address Bar of the site Wait for it to Finished Then GRAB Your Torrent Then GRAB Your Torrent Using...
  2. R

    Tutorial Fantasy basketball game making tutorial

    GOODAFTERNOONguys :) hihingi lang po sana ako ng tulong sa inyo sa mga programer po diyan or IT students. may mga forum po ba kayong alam or mga tutorials kung paano ginagawa yung mga fantasy basketball game.. tulad ng CYBERDUNK2 na game gusto ko lang po matuto sa mga mabubuting loob po...
  3. A

    Enable port forwarding without a router

    guys good day po meron pong features ang airvpn kung paano po naten ma fort forward ung port nten na di na need ng router . Ideal for your security cameras , häçking , game hosting , web server and many more plus maximize your anomity online with all the tools of you needed single handedly with...
  4. K

    Speed up your internet connection [legit] [pc]

    This Is Not My Tutorial i just wanna share it To All PHC Credits: To The Owner of this video heres my screen shot before my internet speed is about 4.1mb download and upload is 3.5mb after using this method of tricks and now my speed download is about 13mb plus and upload is 8mb plus try it...
  5. D

    Pano malaman ang secured wifi password sa office.(si boss nag change)

    Nasa Office kaba Pero hindi maka Wifi kase iba password ng wifi nyo? PWES. ETO NA ANG SAGOT SA MGA TANONG MO!! NOTE : This is only applicable if ang router admin user and pass is default pa. Mga Kailangan : 1. Laptop/PC na naka connect sa modem na nasa office. 2. Default Username at...
  6. J

    Closed Thread

    WALANG FOREVER!!!:cry:
  7. D

    Squash VPN V2.4 for PC and Android (May 15,2016)

    Hello :D Gusto ko lang po itong ishare sa mga hindi pa nakakaalam. Kung meron na ito pakidelete na lang mga admins :) Start na po tayo mga boss ;) Tutorial for PC/Laptop: 1. Download SQUASHVPN V2.4. 2. Connect to your Internet/WiFi, etc using (www.globe.com.ph) for Globe/TM, (internet) for...
  8. J

    Make your internet speed x2, TCP häçk

    /!\NOTE: WORKING PO ITO SA LAHAT NG KASLING CONNECTION/!\ 1. Like this Thread. 2. Download DrTCP from attachment. 3. Open DrTCP and put the following values: *TCP Receive Window = 2064440 *Windows Scaling = Yes *Time Stamping = No *Selective Acks = Yes *Dial Up (RAS)...