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  1. Z

    Help Request May way ba para maka kuha ng paid themes sa Huawei Store for free?

    May way ba para maka kuha ng paid themes sa Huawei Store for free?
  2. Z

    Help Request Help! EMUI THEMES for Android 8.0+ please.

    Help! EMUI THEMES for Android 8.0+ please.
  3. W

    Huawei B315-936s themes or webui

    Mga ka ts, pa request naman ng mga themes for huawei b315-936s. Deadlinks na po kasi ung mga nakikita ko sa ibang sites and yôutubê. Penge naman kahit ung acer or one piece themes lang.
  4. D

    Help - suggest po ng best android themes

    Pa help po kung ano magandang theme :)
  5. X


    Can i have simple personalized onepiece themes for desktop?
  6. X


    baka meron kayo malupit na onepiece pc theme
  7. V

    Help Best mobile dark themes

    Hi! pa-open po. I'm newbie. Ano po ba ang magandang mobile-theme ngayon? Prefered theme style po elegant and dark
  8. K

    Help Oppo a83 themes

    paano mag mod ng themes sa oppo a83. sa mga nakakaalam dyan patut po sana
  9. R

    Dark classic theme for windows 7 by slybug

    [DARK CLASSIC THEME V 1.1 BY slybug (slybug.deviantart.com)] Share ko lang tong nahanap kong theme for Windows 7 Dark Classic Theme v 1.1 for Windows 7 FEATURES: > Simple classic theme > Dark interface para sa ayaw sa bright colored workstation > Basically saves your computer performance...
  10. P

    Tutorial Themes by xenforo™ free download

    http://download950.mediafire.com/d54cxzyzrgxg/9sxpyd5cccixi29/Forum.rar Forum themes free download By XenForo™. Three themes to choose,all in 1 Archon Krypton Flat Awesome
  11. A

    Awesome winrar themes for windows. :)

    Tired of plain colors of WinRar? Why not install a theme! Windows 10 Flat WinRar Theme Preview FCOAR WinRar Theme Preview Tho Exo WinRar Theme Preview How to Install Credits to the Creators for this WinRar Themes!
  12. E

    Install themed icons on ios

  13. R

    Destop theme :d :d

    HEllO mga Ka Phc share ko lang ang dali lang kasi magdownload dto dami pang anime http://deskanime.net/ :athumbsup::athumbsup: share lang
  14. B

    Themes for asus zenfone max

    Need some help. Looking for nice themes for my asus zenfone max. Thanks
  15. B

    Hi good evening

    Newbie here ask ko lng po kung saan maganda makadownload themes for my asus zenfone max
  16. Z

    Themes....download what you want :)

    https://skinpacks.com bahala na kayo pumili ng themes...free lahat yan. first time ko mag post
  17. B

    Lumia theme for s60v5 full download

    Allam kong kahit makabago na ang panahon ngayun marami paring symbian user dito kaya share ko sa inyo tong napulot kong theme Download now
  18. C

    Republic of gamers themes for windows 7

    Share ko lang mga idol baka may nag hahanap eh http://rog.asus.com/file/ROG_Win_7_Theme.rar
  19. S

    Customize Your Digital World

    Para po doon sa mga naghahanap ng themes nila para Computer ito. http://skinpacks.com/ (y) Salamat po! :)
  20. Z

    Rainmeter+Deus_EX desktop Revolution

    Rainmeter+Deus_EX desktop Revolution. Yan po gamit ko sa Desktop ko. Maganda po yan plus hindi siya maki RAM at CPU. :) Download Link: Theme.zip11.3 MB https://mega.nz/#!SdhiEAKL Decryption Key: !0QM9GmNXtB3TGonBwWqJm8_ijMfdjhu42zsw3pOsZuU
  21. L

    Gusto nyo ba ng WallPaper for Windows na parang nag iiba iba yung kulay? Pasok

    Hi Share ko lang to hindi akin yung website. Sadyang namamangha lang ako sa mga Creations ni Tony Kokhan Punta lang kayo sa website nya na 4K « el Tony - http://www.el-tony.com/styles/4k/ tapos pili lang kayo ng gusto nyong wallpaper sa mga available. Pag click nyo nung image na na nagustuhan...
  22. J

    Audi Cars Theme

    Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury automobile. It is a part of “German Big 3″ luxury automakers, along with BMWand Mercedes-Benz, which are the three best-selling luxury automakers in the world. Audi is famous for luxury...
  23. J

    Final Fantasy Theme

    Final Fantasy is one of the longest and best selling video game franchises of all time. The first game of this franchise was published in 1987 as fantasy and science fantasy role playing game. The video game series has since branched into other genres such as tactical role-playing, action...
  24. J

    Minions Theme

    Minions are small yellow and intelligent creatures who played in Despicable Me môviês. Both theDespicable Me môviês where hit and the Minions have played excellent roles in it. They served their masters by designing weapons and other high-tech devices. Minions is a 2015 animated môviê with main...
  25. J

    Windows 7 Hello Kitty Theme – Cute! (zip)

    Trivia: The cute Hello Kitty anime series: Hello Kitty and Friends is nearly 20 years old now. The first appearance of Hello Kitty was back in the 70’s. Overall, there are about 20 video games involving the cute cat, mostly for Nintendo consoles but also for PC, Playstation and iPhone Hello...
  26. J

    Trendy Anime: Download Bleach Themepack (zip)

    Bleach Wallpaper Link: Download This Windows 7 Theme Now Link Here: http://windows7themes.net/download2/Bleach-wallpaper.themepack
  27. J

    Download Windows 7 Naruto Theme (zip)

    Tip: This themepack also works on Windows 8 and 8.1 Naruto is probably one of the most popular anime series out there. We conducted a poll among several thousand visitors and Naruto came out on top Why is Naruto so special? The manga series about Naruto Uzumaki on his way to become a Hokage are...
  28. J

    Hot sê×ÿ cêlêb Women Windows 7 Theme (HD) (zip)

    Raptor, uploaded a Windows 7 theme featuring some hot & sê×ÿ cêlêb women. 100% safe for work and very sê×ÿ! Link Here:http://windows7themes.net/download2/Full HD Hot Girls(2).themepack
  29. J

    Updated Windows Lord of the Rings Theme (zip)

    If you can’t stop reading/watching/playing Lord of the Rings, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Windows 7 Lord of the Rings theme is now online! The universe that Tolkien created is more alive than ever – if you want it on your desktop too, grab this desktop theme. Lord of the Rings...
  30. J

    Windows 7 3D Themes (zip)

    3D is trendy. If you like 3D/CG wallpapers, you will like these 3D themes uploaded by Prem. Tip: This is themepack with wallpapers of 3D models, landscapes, etc.! If you are looking for a “real” (stereoscopic 3D) 3D theme, there will be one available soonish. Stay tuned...
  31. M


    Alienware Evolution
  32. S

    AlienGUIse, Alienware themes for XP(all in one)

    AlienGUIse Five Alienware Themes in one, XenoMorrph Invader Darkstar AlienMorph ALXMorph sana po ay nagustohana nyo pa like naman po para pampagana. Download here
  33. T

    request pls...HTC cha cha A801

    pahingi naman po ng games and appz pwde sa HTC cha cha A801
  34. R

    SKINPACKS(no hasle, less trouble and high compatibility)

    Download and install skinpacks according to your OS structure. Many kinds, stuffs. lot lot. No ***** trick needed or any tricky methods. Just install and there you go!. Built-in unistaller. it creates restore point before installing. it installs: uxtheme ***** boot screen icons theme wallpaper...
  35. J

    Blue Planet Themes-my own version.,^_^,.

    sawa ka na ba sa style o view ng pc/laptop mo,,try this,,Blue Planet Themes
  36. Z

    Available themes for samsung star wifi

    :worthy:please. sinu po may alam san pede DL nang themes for my Samsung starwifi!
  37. R


    deleted by richardrr: spam
  38. M

    Themes for CM W7

    pahingi nmn po ng themes para sa cherry mobile w7 wla kasi si dmax nito.:worthy:
  39. S

    Create Folders of Different Colors in Windows

    Create Folders of Different Colors in Windows You have faced the same yellow folder icon on Windows for a long time, with minor changes to perhaps the size and shape, but not the color – and there is not a single option that allows you to change it. With hundreds of folders within folders...
  40. L

    Editing themes s40 via your s40mobile

    Application needed >> BFTP (For Renaming, Extracting and Packing) Download here >> Existing theme to be edited (you can use THIS THEME (remove .zip) **Note: before using the application make surethat you set the application access> add and edit user data to "always ask" (pag hindi naka set...
  41. L

    Free games, apps etc apks for android phones

    www.androidapkfull.com www.appmong.com
  42. M

    2013's new s40 theme collection

    wla ako ss nito. pakidownload na lang sa mga interesado. konti lang naman to eh. kaya madali lang pagdownload. hope you like it. (y)
  43. O

    Psp themes

    Download Link: http://psptwist.com/downloads/psp-themes/
  44. O

    Corby 2 themes

    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.corby2downloads.com/search/label/Free%20Samsung%20Corby%202%20Themes