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rpg games

  1. J

    Tutorial Pa request naman ng offline rpg games.

    Yung mqganda graphics.yung parang CRASHER yung hindi cartoon na cartoon ang dating.
  2. J

    Guys anu magandang offline rpg games for android

    Guys anu magandang offline Rpg games for android
  3. S

    Android offline rpg games

    another offline rpg games for android with 3D fight scene. Glorious Savior by Kemco. May modded din sya, meron din wala. para sa data nya,. nasa link narin >>> http://www.uapkpro.com/2016/03/premium-rpg-glorious-savior-111g-full.html?m=1 Step: 1. Install muna yung app pwede rin yung sa google...
  4. D

    Help looking for open world games

    Hi guys, suggest naman kayo ng mga Open World Games diyan yung sa tingin niyo maganda at possible ang mod. Ang game na meron lng ako eh - the witcher 3 (wala kong update) - Fallout 4 - Elder Scroll : Skyrim Special Edition - Fallout New Vegas - GTA V Maganda sana kung nalaro niyo na. Irate...
  5. R

    Ano po magandang online games na may mod?

    Ano po magandang online rpg na may mod? Need kasi lagi gumastos para lumakas char mo.
  6. T

    Best rpg games for android

    Mga boss pa suggests nman kung anu best RPG games . ung my pk sana . thanks in advance
  7. 7

    Nonstop chuck norris v.1.3.6 + mod

    Name: Nonstop Chuck Norris Version: 1.3.6 Rooted? No Harness the unstoppable force that is Chuck Norris in an action game packed with insane weapons, items and Chuck facts! Power up Chuck Norris as he delivers a beating to an infinite horde of villains. The mission: to save multiple universes...
  8. 7

    [2017 rpg - tap souls v.1.1 + mod]

    Name: Tap Souls Version: 1.1 Rooted? No Gather souls of heroes for Valhalla! RPG of growing heroes that can be played with simple touch! Cute monsters and charming heroes appear! # Game tips *You can press and hold on the screen in order to attack enemies. You can attack even faster by tapping...
  9. B

    Best rpg games

    Best RPG and Adventure OFFLINE Android Game. ❓❓❓❓ if you dont know how to download, please read the download instruction. ❓❓❓❓ if you dont know how to intall, please read FAQ Mage and Minions ✅ DOWNLOAD Link -> https://apkparadise.org/eternium-mage-and-minions/ Size: 104MB No need OBB file...
  10. A

    Suggest rpg games offline

    suggest offline rpg games plss
  11. 7

    [offline rpg - villain rush v.1.2]

    Name: Villain Rush Version: 1.2 Rooted? No ■■■■■Game Description■■■■■ Heroes rule the world after the end of Kaizin Rumble?! ◆ Revive all the Kaizins in the world by becoming their Great Leader! ◆ The Kaizins will attack the Heroes automatically in their nations! ◆ Defeat the Heroes and...
  12. 7

    The dark rpg v.1.4.4 mod

    Name: The Dark RPG Version: 1.4.4 Root? No MOD Features: 1 hit KO Immortal Fast/Always Level Up! Upgrade Function - Always 100% Success Rate Unlimited Gold - works only if you have 1 Gem and you buy convert it with the Golds Installation Guide: Install like a normal apk Launch & play! How...
  13. S

    Anong magandang rpg offline games sa android?

    Ano po bang magandang RPG Offline sa Android? Salamat sa Sasagot :)
  14. P

    Offline rpg games

    Mga sir pa update naman sa mga magagandang offline rpg games.my suggest poba kayu para may mapag libangan lang
  15. T

    Anyone wants a rpg games for android?? para sa inyo toh mga kaphc

  16. P

    Android phone

    Ano pinaka astig na role playing game nyo? Sa android phone 2gb
  17. N

    Bomber 3d + mod

    Game: Biz Builder Deluxe Android: v.1.11 Root? Y/N MOD: Unlimited Gems Installation: Install & play! Credits sa modder
  18. N

    Rpg - battle of ninja + mod

    Game: Battle of Ninja Android: v.1.9 Root? Y/N MOD: Remove Ads Unlimited Golds All Ninja's Unlocked Installation: Install & Play! Credits sa modder
  19. N

    Rpg - spirit master + mod

    Game: Spirit Master Android: v.1.0 Root? Y MOD: High Attack High Critical Damage High Critical Rate High Defense High Evasion rate Installation: install & Play! Credits sa modder Note: For Rooted Phone only! Internet Connection is required to be able to play this game enjoy!
  20. N

    Aldubyou - ang hamon ni lola + mod

    Game: AlDubYou - Ang Hamon ni Lola Android: v.1.1 Root? Y/N MOD: Unlimited Gold Unlimited Heart Installation: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder
  21. N

    Duterte fighting crime 2 - xmas + mod

    Game: DUTERTE FIGHTING CRIME 2 - XMAS Android: v.2.33.2 Root? Y/N MOD: Unlimited Money Installation: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder Note: yung isa normal duterte yung isa naman x-mass edition pili kayo sa dalawa or dl nyu pareho enjoy! v.2.33U v.2.33.2 (x-mass)
  22. N

    Action - coco fighting crime + mod

    Game: Coco Fighting Crime Android: v.1.1 Root? Y/N MOD: Unlimited Ammo Installation: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder
  23. N

    Puzzle - fantasy journey match 3 + mod

    Game: FANTASY JOURNEY MATCH 3 Android: v.1.5.0 Root? Y/N MOD: Unlimited Money Installation: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder
  24. N

    Rpg - my home dungeon + mod

    Game: MY HOME DUNGEON Android: v.1.0.112 Root? Y/N MOD: Free Shopping! Installation: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder
  25. N

    Arcade - buddyman run + mod

    Game: Buddyman Run Android: v.1.2.4 Root? Y/N MOD: Unlimited Diamonds Installation: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder
  26. N

    Action rpg - apocalypse knights + mod

    Game: Apocalypse Knights Android: v.1.0.8 Root? Y/N MOD: Unlimited Golds Unlimited Gems Installation: Read this link -> Click here Credits sa modder Note: Sundin nyu lang po yung obb trick para organize po tayo at malaro nyu din ito. gL~ ;) Tips puwede nyu pong gamitin yung gems para...
  27. N

    Adventure - wind runner adventure [mod]

    Game: WIND RUNNER ADVENTURE Android: v.1.0.12 Root? Y/N MOD: Free Shopping No ads Installation: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder Note: Tulad ng dati pili nalang kayo o dl nyu pareho enjoy! v.1.0.10 v.1.0.12
  28. N

    Action - robo avenger + mod

    Game: ROBO AVENGER Android: v.1.4.4 Root? Y/N MOD: Unlimited Gems Unlimited Coins Installation: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder
  29. N

    Rpg - legendary warrior + mod

    Game: LEGENDARY WARRIOR Android: v.1.0.12 Root? Y/N MOD: Unlimited Gems Unlimited Coins Unlimited Sword/Stamina No Ads Installation: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder Note: dalawang version po yan old saka new pili nalang po kayo o kaya dl both version. v.1.0.7 v.1.0.12
  30. N

    Rpg - dark reaper shoot! + mod

    Name: Dark Reaper Shoots! Version: 1.0.3 Root Needed? No MOD Features: Unlimited Soul High Drop Rate Installation: Install, Launch & Play! credits sa modder Note: Ito maganda pang holloween ang tema, rpg na shooting pa! hit like naman tayo dyan!
  31. N

    Rpg - devil fighting war 3d + mod

    Game: Devil War Fighting 3D Android: v.1.1 Root? Y/N MOD: Massive Attack DMG Massive SP DMG No Skill Cooldown God Mode Installation: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder Note: Hit thanks nalang ayos na!
  32. N

    Astro boy flight! mod

    Game: Astro Boy Flight! Android: v.1.2.0 Root? Y/N MOD: 1 hit kill Some Items in Shop are Free Installation: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder Note: Hit thanks nalang ayos na!
  33. N

    Rpg - hero run 3d dalawang mod pasok!

    Name: Hero Run 3D Version: 1.1.1 Root? Y/N Mod 1 Unlimited Golds Unlimited Gems Massive Damage Very High HP Mod 2 Unlimited Golds Unlimited Gems credits sa modder Note: pili nalang kayo sa dalawa o kaya dl nyu pareho at pahit na rin ng like kung hinde naman nakakahiya sa inyo :ROFLMAO: lol...
  34. N

    -offline rpg- warriors duel mod

    Game: Warriors Duel Android: v.1.1.2 Root? Y/N MOD Features: High Gold Gain each battle Installation Procedure: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder Note: Hit & Like (y) sapat na!
  35. N

    -offline rpg- jump warrior [hd] mod pasok!

    Game: Jump Warrior Android: v.1.2.3 Root? Yes/No MOD Features: 1000% Gold Rate High Damage Massive Health Installation Guide: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder Note: Be Hit & Like(y) not Hit & Run(n)
  36. N

    -offline rpg- heart breaker mod pasok!

    Game: Heart Breaker Version: 1.9 Root? Yes/No MOD Features: Unlimited Money Unlimited Potion Installation Process: Install, Launch & Play! Credits sa modder Note: Hit like nalang sa mga gusto pa ng 3d rpg Offline/Online
  37. M

    Offline rpg games

    Guys do you know any offline rpg games
  38. L

    Best rpg for android phones (offline)

    mga kaPH, suggest naman poh kayo ng magandang offline games ung gaya ng inotia o basta magandang rpg games poh sa android ung offline poh.. salamat ng madami sa mga tutugon.. ung tested nyo at mas maganda natapos niyo..
  39. H

    Introducing my self :)

    Hi im Hanz, i love playing RPG games . Watching anime is ny hobby , etc .
  40. K

    need game suggestions

    ask ko lang guys anong magandang MMORPG like ragnarok ?
  41. R

    Hi Guys any suggestion ng mga RPG games na smooth sa PPSSPP emu

    nakatapos na kasi ko ng 3rd birthday, FF7 crisis core... ano pa ba maganda laruin na PSP game rpg sa PPSSPP emu?
  42. A

    rpg games . online or offline.

    suggetions please yung maganda :)
  43. R

    Recommended RPG Games offline

    guys ano ba magagandang rpg games ngayon. Thanks
  44. B

    Forsaken World Online MMORPG Players Here =)

    tignan ko lang po sana kung may naglalaro ng forsaken dito wala pa kasi ako nakikita na taga PHC dami pinoy po masaya ang game cool graphics and smoooth gaming search nio nalang po sa google not available kasi sa playstore ... server: DEATHBANE po IGN: Norhyll04 add nalang pag nakapag...
  45. J

    Adventure Quest Worlds Online MMORPG game

    hello guys, share ko lang tong nilalaro ko at ng mga pinsan ko, di ganun ka 3d pero maganda ang gameplay niya, para lang po sa gusto i-try wag na po mag comment ng ibAng topic salamat! :) para sa akin, ang kinaganda pa nito meron laging bagong event kaya di kamagsasawa, may new stories, may...