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  1. C

    DiosAma: Unlock PSP 7 OFW Communication in PS3 Update Firmware

    All PSP Model to Unlock 7.xx OFW Communication available in CD * * * Don't post all and being wise because it will deface any website will gone don't share * * * Any PSP upgraded to CFW direct upgrade to 6.60 CFW CD (No Serial No Laser read damage) to 7.xx OFW CD (No Serial No Laser read...
  2. C

    DiosAma: Handheld Video Game 7.xx OFW

    • • • • • • Handheld Video Game 7.xx OFW •• ₱1,500+ Available in Store along Torquillo St., China, Kalookan City * * * WARNING: Don't share location and travel guide because Criminals or Demons Watching us ago about touring so No Warn * * * * * * Don't post all and being wise because it will...
  3. C

    DiosAma: Unlock PSP 7 OFW Communication available in CD

    All PSP Model to Unlock 7.xx OFW Communication available in CD * * * Don't post all and being wise because it will deface any website will gone don't share * * * Any PSP upgraded to CFW direct upgrade to 6.60 CFW CD (No Serial No Laser read damage) to 7.xx OFW CD (No Serial No Laser read...
  4. M

    Broken PSP Analog Stick.

    Mga boss, aside from bringing it to a technician, ano po bang pwede kong gawin para maayos yung nasirang analog stick ng psp ko?
  5. I

    PlayStation Psp2000

    guys is it still worth it buying psp ? and ano version maganda? base sa mga review na nabasa ko mas madami ang mas prefer ay psp2000 kesa sa psp3000 . ano best comparison nilang dalawa base sa experience nyo?
  6. O

    Nopaystation - a psp, ps vita, psx rom downloader

    NoPayStation (NPS) is a program that allows you to download PSP, Vita, PSX, or even PS3 games straight from the PSN servers without paying for anything (hence the name). Basically, it functions like Freeshop (RIP) for the 3DS, but it runs on your PC and is for Sony consoles. So what advantage...
  7. P

    Any suggestions psp games

  8. M

    Suggest naman ng game sa psp...

    suggest po naman kayo ng games sa psp... salamat
  9. R

    PlayStation Good psp games?

    Hi. Can anyone suggest PSP games similar to Patapon, SIMS 2?
  10. E

    PlayStation Highly compressed iso psp roms(question)

    Pahingi link ng mga highly compressed iso files niyo mga ka phc
  11. W

    PlayStation Psp e-1003

    mga bossing patulong naman kung pano gagawin para makalaro ng downloaded iso/cso sa PSP ng anak ko... 6.60 official yung firmware nya...salamat
  12. Z

    Recommended psp games

    Guys may mga PSP pa ba kayo? Sa panahon ngaun d na sguro marami naglalaro ng PSP o baka nmam naka tago lang . May nalaro kasi ako ( Tales of the world : Radiant Mythology 1-3) . Irecommend ko lang napaka bagsik kasi e. Pati narin lahat ng "Tales of" series na laro .malulupet guys sulit oras nyo...
  13. B

    Ace combat - joint assault (europe) iso

    Read more at https://www.emuparadise.me/PSP_ISOs/Ace_Combat_-_Joint_Assault_(USA)/158171
  14. B

    A la croisee des mondes - la boussole d'or (france) iso

  15. J

    Ppsspp online android

    Guys sino naglalaro ng MHP3rd dito. Pahelp naman mapagana yung online. Maglalaro sana kami ng kaibigan ko ako yung nag host pero di niya makita yung akin. Binigay ko naman IP ko sa kanya. Patulong pleaseee. Pano gumawa ng sariling server para makaconnect sila sa akin.
  16. P

    About ppsspp not working

    Patulong about dito na extract naman na eh ayaw pa rin,yung ibang games okay naman. Salamat
  17. C


    Mga Boss Bakit Pag nag lalaro ako sa Psp Nang game mag la lag? Imean slow motion galawan parang robot ? Maayos bato?
  18. X

    Dante's inferno

    Mga master share nyo naman ppsspp setting nyo sa Dante's Inferno, .ang dami ko na pinanuod pero ayaw padin, nagiging black screen sya pag start ng game, pa share naman ng setting nyo, ppsspp gold gamit ko app, ZenFone 2 Laser Phone ko, thanks sa makakasagot.
  19. C

    Patulong po sa pg convert

    Gudpm mga master. Patulong po sana ako ma convert sa psp tong ff8 save game ko.. Salamat po mga sir
  20. D

    Ppsspp online

    Guys may naglalaro ba dito ng monster hunter freedom unite?
  21. H

    Psp emulator 4 android

    Dl ppsspp.apk and go to emuparadise to search ur games to be dl and extract it via zarchiver.
  22. D

    Cheat Gundam vs gundam next plus psp cheat

    Yung tipong para sa Strike Freedom na BOSS para magamit sa free battle. Hindi ko kase magamit.
  23. P

    Hardcore psp.

    Meron ba kayong alam jan na mga hidden gems sa PSP..? Yung tipong hardcore RPGs or Strategy games na hindi sikat pero maganda gameplay at mechanics.
  24. J

    Looking for rare psp full english ***** :(

    I know a lot of sites containing psp games and such, ang di ko lang alam po is yung mga full english *****es na PSP games. ( japanese psp games converted to english by fans). salamat po sa papansin maraming salamat :))
  25. 1

    Panu po mag download ng psp games for android

    Tulong po sing marunong dito mag download ng PSP games yung naka iso file po.
  26. Q

    Psvita games to psp 3000

    Mga ka phc masters tulong naman kung meron bang paraan na malaro ang psvita games sa PSP. Baka may emulator. Help.
  27. M

    Ppsspp dantes inferno

    Hi mga ka phc tanung ko lang kung malalaro ko ba ng maayos ang dantes inferno sa myphone my28 ko 512 mb ram. Gusto ko lang malaman kasi laki nung size ng game baka hindi lang playable. Thank you sa makaka tulong. ✌✌
  28. J

    Saan po pwedeng magdownload ng psp games ?

    saan po please
  29. Q

    Para sa mga player ng consoles!

    Heto share ko sa inyo ang site na matagal ko ng alam. Dito ka makakadownload ng games for pc, xbox, ps3, wii, ps2 and psp Gamestorrents.com
  30. T

    Psp ano problema nito

    naglalaro ako ng gumanyan yan na lang lumalabas ayaw gumana kahit ano ang pindotin.ano ba problema nito mga mam sir
  31. X

    PSP Games Direct Download No Torrent!!

    I've been using this website for years and I like to share it with you mga ka PH Game files are uploaded via google drive.. no hassle no worries.. and no virus. Most of the games are directly downloaded as cso and iso, and their collection of games is almost complete from Japanese version to...
  32. C

    PSP Games For Android

    PSP Apk http://www.mediafire.com/download/0vvf7u0v549k7e8/(arm)+ppsspp+v1.0.apk Playable Games Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai http://www.tusfiles.net/8azag8w41rr5 Para sa mga ibang games check niyo dito.. http://www.emuparadise.me/PSP_ROMs/44
  33. B

    How to play PSP games on PC or Android

    PPSSPP, A psp emulator. Requirements: *Decent hardware *PPSSPP http://www.ppsspp.org/downloads.html *PSP games www.emuparadise.me/PSP_ISOs Procedure: 1.) Open PPSSPP 2.) Configure settings 3.) Locate ISO 4.) Enjoy!
  34. B

    Cheat CWCheats

    What is it? PSP plugin What is it for? Cheating Requirements? Custom firmware installed How to install? Follow the link bellow http://www.pspcwcode.com/2014/07/cwcheat-v023.html?m=1
  35. S

    Help po sa PSP

    help sa PSP sony pano ayusin to? pagka ON ko sa power then set ko yung time and date pag press ko ng O or Enter ayaw? pano i skip ang time and date, kakalasin ko sana pero baka hindi ko maayos, ano maganda gawin?
  36. I

    Guide: Pano maglaro ng PSP games sa Android Phone mo

    REQUIREMENTS: Android Phone (preferably high end and medyo maganda ang specs) PPSSPP (any PSP emulator, pero mas maganda ang PPSSPP) PWEDENG MAIDOWNLOAD ANG PPSSPP GOLD SA LINK NA ITO: DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: http://dl1.revdownload.com/dl1/1601/PPSSPP_Gold_v1.2.2.0_Revdl.com.apk MAAARI KA...
  37. I

    Guide: How to play multiplayer with PSP for Android or PC

    You can check the playable games on ad hoc here: http://forums.ppsspp.org/showthread.php?tid=9037 For PC and Android 1. Open PPSSPP, go to Networking, and check Enable networking/Wlan. 2. The Host must check the Enable built-in prô ad hoc server. Clients doesn't need to check this. (New...
  38. I

    Guide:- Maximizing the performance of PPSSPP on your Android/Windows device

    (Updated to account for the official release of v0.9.9.1, which you should be using if you're on Windows and Android as it contains some new features. Also helps for diagnostic reasons, i.e. when you report an issue to us, the first thing we'll ask is if you're on the latest dev build anyway...
  39. T

    wath happen to my psp help

    ano po pr
  40. O

    Some compilation of PSP games po March 2013

    Index of /Download/2013/March/Game/ - http://dl.download.ir/Download/2013/March/Game/
  41. P

    Play psp games using your android phone & tablets

    downloap the ppsspp emulator http://www.ppsspp.org/files/1_0/ppsspp.apk download here the PSP game that you want. http://www.emuparadise.me/Sony_PSP_ISOs/List-All-Titles-By-Downloads-1/44
  42. J

    Katekyo hitman reborn! (game series)

    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Battle Arena Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena is a PlayStation™ Portable game between two characters. It is a battle game with different modes, arenas, and stages. By using different unique techniques, the player can unlock the "hyperstrike", the strongest attack, of...
  43. Z

    PSP alternative charger

    pede patulong ang psp ko kc sobra ata sa pagkalobat ayun kahit jinachargr ko na hindi parin gumagana...at anu po ba pede alternative charger dito.
  44. L

    Psp to pc emulator

    Description : A Simple App w/Awesome Usage!!! How To Use : There's a Manual/Instruction Inside The File, That Can Help You Run This App And Play Your Favorite/Addicting Game Compatibility : So Far Most Of The User Doesn't Found A Problem Sorry The Page Was Deleted Note : Plss Hit The Like...
  45. J

    Psp 6.35pro-a3 update tutorial

    Tried and tested po sa PSP Go ko! Working lahat ng new games. Try it at your own risk. Step: (see download link for the folders) 1. Connect your PSP in your computer. 2. (PC mode)Open the folder named "1" from the downloaded file and copy the "UPDATE" folder and paste it inside your "PSP\Game"...