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    Sun 302 status connected (tu50)

    Whats up PHC! Ehi just for you :) Fast connect Need promo(tu50) premium server downloading gaming strêâmïng 7 days https://dropmb.com/download/507bd796d4deee6e4ff35a8bd41cd23f.html Warning: Never use torrent ! Good luck and enjoy !
  2. M

    Help [batch script] copy and paste specific sheets from one excel file to another

    Mga boss, suko na ako kakahanap sa google. Baka mayroon dito kaya ako turuan sa batch scripting. Bago lang kasi ako at makakatulong ito sa akin. Paano kaya ito? Lagi ako may dinadownload na files in .csv format. Let's say File1.csv, File2.csv, File3.csv. Bawat isa dito ay may tig-iisang sheet...
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    Help 'bat hindi gumagana yung proxy injector sa cmd?

    Noob question. Windows user. Sinusubukan ko kasing matuto ng Python at pagod na kong mag install ng package manually. Gumagana yung http net header sa chrome at sa ibang applications gaya ng Spotify, pero pag trinatry kong mag pip3 install name-ng-package sa CMD, ayaw kumonek, kailangan ko pang...
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    Few simple commands (cmd)

    default color. = color a bcdedit command is used to view or make changes to Boot Configuration Data. = Bcdedit clear. = cls used to display a list of files and folders . = dir shorthand version of the chdir command. = cd The driverquery command is used to show a list of all installed drivers. =...
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    Need help (unable to ping)

    Guys patulong naman oh. Hindi ko kasi magamit ang ping command sa cmd ko basta connected sa VPN (http Injector or Http NEt header) master pa help po. TIA
  6. V

    Pingtool in pc/laptop using cmd

    first open your CMD click run as administrator and type... :) ping -t kung gusto ninyong green yung text type color 0a proof:
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    Stable and lower ping tweak with cmd! more simple tutorial, come and try it!

    *Eto yung tutorial ni daddy LONG LEG: https://www.phcorner.net/t/lte-modem-uncapping-works-with-b593s-22.136032/ I know it's quite old, pero working pa rin itong tweak na ito. And for more easy procedures, ginawa ko na siya ng video tutorial. ^^ Try niyo, and have a feedback. All other info...
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    Wifi häçking through cmd

    Sobrang na-amaze lang ako sa natutunan kong wifi häçking gamit ang CMD. Sira nga lang laptop ko ngayon pero i tried it sa pc ng office haha! Thank you po dun sa mga tutorials! :) Good morning!
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    Beta universal ****** help.

    Good day ka-PHC, patulong naman po dito sa ginagawa kong universal ******. Ito po ay sa CMD or batch files lang po i-cinode. For example po ay may auto correct na code, dahil kapag mag sesearch ako ay kailangan yung mismong name po (Halimbawa: Avast, at ang tinype ko po ay avast lang na lower...
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    Show hide files (batch)

    (Note: change file from .txt to .cmd to work) at dahil wala talaga akong magawa and out of curiosity, gumawa din ako ng batch file na nakakapag hide or show ng files. para gumana ang program na eto, icopy nyo muna ito sa folder kung saan located ang file o folder na gusto nyong itago para file...
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    Ip hunter for pc (dial up + batch file)

    Share ko lang po para sa mga PC user and Broadband user na katulad ko.. Una po di po sa akin to, inedit ko lang po yung batch file ni boss richardrr sa thread na ito >> https://www.phcorner.net/t/free-supersurf-eto-na-ang-100-solution-for-phcorner-vpn-for-globe.44808/ First po need natin ng...
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    Ping tool using cmd for pc para iwas dc sa mga naka vpn

    Ping test in Windows Open the Start menu by clicking the orb in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Type “cmd” in the search bar at the bottom of the menu. Click cmd found in the search results for Programs. A black box with a flashing cursor will open; this is the Command...
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    I'm sure many of you know this,but some others don't know how to perform it.Here's a simple tutorial.A minutes later you feel like you're a real häçker! Requirements: 1.Notepad 2.Cmd/Command Prompt 3.Brain.apk/Brain.exe 4.With an obb of common sense 5.Patience.odex Procedure: 1.Open notepad...
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    Im a newb

    Noob po ako
  15. A

    CDC problem

    Ask ko lang po kung ano kaya pwede solution dito? 622i po modem ko. Unstable po masyado internet ko. Connected po siya mga 1min, tapos maya maya Destination host unreachable na po. Pa help naman po. Ano kaya pwdeng solution dito. Attached po ung picture ng GUI ko tska CMD ping test. Salamat!!
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    All CMD Commands (Most Useful) – CMD Tricks 2015 List of All CMD Commands – CMD Tricks 2015 First of all open the CMD by clocking on START > RUN > CMD. Then type these CMD Commands 2015 :- 1. Accessibility Controls – access.cpl 2. Accessibility Wizard – accwiz 3. Add Hardware Wizard –...
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    how to make stopwatch using cmd and notepad

    steps: 1.)open notepad 2.)type this code Countdown: echo off title Timer set time=30 (you can make the time whatever you want) :loop set /a time=%time%-1 if %time%==0 goto timesup echo %time% ping localhost -n 2 > nul goto loop :timesup echo Time is Up! echo Press Any Key To Exit! pause >nul...
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    Hss Cmd by Sarah Single file

    Thread Closed :cautious:
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    How to create cmd style vpn

    For beginners lang po ito. Hehehe. Natuto kasi ako nito 1 day lang. Hindi ko pa masyadong lahat alam ang sikreto ng CMD. REQUIREMENTS: 1. BAT to EXE Converter 32 & 64 bit 2. VPN files LINK 3. CMD (Command Prompt) 4. Notepad Copy then Paste niyo sa Notepad echo off color A REM NEXT openvpn...