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    Guys may multo sa picture.
  2. E

    Usapang aswang komiks strip

    Bakit nga kaya? Totoo nga ba ang aswang? He he he. PS: Ginuhit ko 'to sa Nintendo DS Lite gamit ang Colors! DS na app. Wala kasi akong graphics tablet. Tapos yung finishing touches naman sa netbook ko using GIMP 2.
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    Campus murder

    While removing her bloodied gloves, Angeli glanced at her handy work through the mirror. Her latest victim - a freshman student in the university - lay dead on the comfort room floor with her blood spilled on the tiles from the gaping incision in the girl’s belly. Through this incision, Angeli...
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    Aswang art: ungga-ungga

    In Philippine folklore the ungga-ungga or unga-unga of Negros (known as wuwug or wowog in Eastern Visayas) is a manananggal relative that appears similar to the penanggal or penanggalan of Indonesia and Malaysia. Like the latter, it separates at the neck and the wingless head hovers off with its...
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    Any bugs available for globe or tm?

    Hi Any bugs available for globe or tm :)