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    How to access isp blocked tôrrênt or any other sites

    Unblock Torrents blocked by ISP First of all let me state that by means of this tutorial I am not encouraging Piracy or any other îllégâl acts which may cause loss to any corporation or company. ISPs need to understand the fact that Torrents are not îllégâl, Its just used for îllégâl purposes...
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    BM622i connected but no internet

    mga kaPHCORNER pahelp po :( bumili ko ng wimax kahapon tas connected na sya .nakapag net na po ako then nasira cpu ko tas finormat .tapos po ayaw na magconnect sa internet :( pero connected sya pahelp naman po .pangalawang bili ko na ito ng wimax puro palpak T.T huhu eto po SS
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    [HELP] wimax BM622 (2009)

    mga kaCORNER pahelp naman po sa BM622 na nabili ko last 3days kasi po napuyat ako kagabi sa kakahäçk sa wimax ko nagsuccess naman po kaninang 4am CONNECTED na sya pero ayaw mo magsurfing ayaw kumonek sa internet :( click ko yung CHECK sa taas tapos po ang lumabas ganito wimax status...