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  1. R

    Help Paano instant 100?

    Mga kaibigan ko kasi meron na nito sino may alam?
  2. B

    Pahingi po ng apple id na paid app salamat

    may idodownload kc ako pero may bayad salamat sa mag bibigay merry xmas
  3. P

    Sun VPN Ovpn.tu50 for 1month :d.

    GudEvz ev1 pinag hirapan koyan :V
  4. M

    New payload

    Ha nap tau d2 ng load good luck nlng 23ig4j2yzb.com abc.xyz accounts.yôutubê.com admin.google.com ads.google.com ads.yôutubê.com adsense.google.com america.google.com analytics.google.com android.clients.google.com answer.google.com api.ai apis.google.com apps.gogole.com...
  5. P

    Sun ktr Sun pasok iwan muna yung gtm hahaha

    TU50lng nman hahaha :V https://dropmb.com/download/dc11318f00cb0a99d4dfdd01c424e96f.html
  6. Z

    Sun Help

    Ok po ba yung AO30 sa yôutubê or stream?
  7. L

    Feedback Happy 1 year to me

    As we learn ,we share As we take let us give, As we weep,let us care :) Thanks phc ,Happy 1 year to me ! have been here for a year ,glad to hear that for such small contributions within in a year ,I am indeed very grateful for it.Thanks !
  8. R

    Help Goodmorning

    sr mag oopenline sana ako ng 936 kasom ayaw madetech ng usb patulong naman po salamat po
  9. L

    Globe Huawei pocket wifi

    Hello po ..... just confuse why my wifi signal suddenly turns into blue instead of its usual green light signal and its been 1 week gamit ko sya without load but still connected..In fact fast connections, Without even using injector or vpn..
  10. P

    Sun Lo

    tu50 up 7 days masarap pa tu at may kulang yan data file bulong ko lang kong sino mag ask OK gawa nalang kayo account dito https://www.tcpvpn.com/vpn-server-united-kingdom config: https://www.datafilehost.com/d/3de3ca8
  11. L

    Simple formula for living

    Live beneath your means Return Everything you borrow Stop blaming other people Admit it when you make a mistake Give clothes not worn to charity Do something nice and try not to get caught Listen more; talk less Everyday take a 30 minutes walk Strive for excellence, not perfection Be on...
  12. K

    ehi ktr thanks mga lodi sa ehi/ktr/files/etc........

    Pansin ko after ko maka 100gb nag back/reset xa sa 0 pero never Pa na block ung sim ko then ung modem is never din pinatay....... Salamat sa mga gumagawa ng files dito.......at Isa pa kadalasan 5-7 person kami gumagamit Kaya matakaw sa mb/gb si modem..........Hays mema tuloy ako bsta thanks mga...
  13. G

    Globe & TM Sa mga nahihirapan kay gs, pasok po!

    Sa mga nahihirapan mag connect kay GS ito ang kunting tips na na-obserbahan ko para maka-connect tayo.. KUNTING TIPS: kailangan natin ng load balance na 10 pesos at i-surfalert mo para d kainin load mo then USE your google base payload.. Yan lang mga KA PHC.. TRY NIYO PO!!
  14. A

    Globe & TM ehi Ehi and ovpn

    Need GSwitch 5 Days ehi⬇⬇ https://dropmb.com/download/49561b11499265a1b07a1b61eda3764c.html Ovpn Config all Sgdo visit my thread⬇⬇ https://www.phcorner.net/threads/586365/#post-9693776 Speed⬇⬇
  15. L

    Lessons on tough times

    8 things to remember when going through tough times 1.Everything can-and will-change. 2.You've overcome challenges before. 3.It's a learning experience. 4.Not getting what you want can be a blessing. 5.Allow yourself to have some fun. 6.Being kind to yourself is the best medicine. 7.Other...
  16. L

    8 truths of life

    We go through life learning as we go. A lot of the things we learn as children and adolescents sometimes take on a fantastical, dreamlike facade that can leave some people ill-prepared for the trials and tribulations that lay ahead in adulthood. We all learn a lot of hard life lessons through...
  17. K

    Help Ano mgandang downloader ng môviê sa android phones

    Salamat po...........
  18. L

    Quotes to enlighten

    Always remember that even at your best ,you'll never be right for the wrong person and even at your worst the right person will remind you of your worth.:)
  19. T

    No lowd

    Nakakasawa na ang mga no lowd sa luzon.wala nbang iba.puro nlang smart..
  20. T

    Surf alert

    Working ba ang surf alert sa pptp..mha ka ph..naguguluhan ako...sana may sumagot
  21. L

    Road called life

    On this road called life ... You have to take the good with the bad,smile when you're sad,love what you've got,and remember what you had.Always forgive but never forget,learn from your mistakes.People change.Things go wrong.But just remember ,the ride goes on.... :):)
  22. R

    Paano hindi ma d dc pag magamit nang http injector

    Mga boss paano ba na Hindi ma ddc Yong signal ko pag Mag connect ako kay Injector. Kasi may data mama ako. Galing kay gs. Newbie Lang po. Mga boss. Thanks sa makatulong.
  23. K

    Help May triks naba kau mga lodi pano mahäçk ung pldthomefiber

    Salamat..........Sana may nkakaalam na
  24. A

    VPN Poru fake news about gs

    Please lang guys wag na kayong gumawa ng mga fake news about ky GS kasi natatabunan lang ang mga matinong post , kung wala rin lang naman kasiguroduhan ang post mo please wag na e post .
  25. C

    Help Plsss pa openline naman po ng huawei ko plsss

    e5330Bs-2 Imei -867637029031292
  26. C

    Smart & TNT Pa help nman po sa blocking ng smart plsss

    Guys panu po ba pwede gawin para hindi ma block Ung. Sa sun sim po hindi daw na boblock Paturo naman po kung papano plsss Newbie palang po
  27. K

    Help Maeestablished na sana kawawa ako

    Kawawa talaga pag hnd pa estab hays
  28. A

    Smart Smartbro sim working all cebu lacation

    https://www.datafilehost.com/d/bc204789 Feedbck para ganhan mag update
  29. K

    Pa established naman hirap kaya

    Pang globe promo bug ng na try ko salamat
  30. K

    Guys help naman po about promo bug ni globe sapamat

    Help me guys sa promo bug ni globe Sana may makapansin
  31. N


    Pahingi po ng payload pang smart no load
  32. L

    A proverb to reflect

    "Day by day nothing Changes,but when you look Back,everything is Different." That's life :) #have a blessed day ahead ~Professora Hakimi Kazumi Asianism
  33. H

    Solved Paymaya 100

    ngayon ko lang na check a ng paymaya ko check niyo din sa inyo baka meron narin
  34. L

    All about life

    Life is an opportunity ...take it. Life is a song...sing it. Life is a battle ..conquer it. Life is a game...play it. Life is dream...realize it. Life is a challenge...meet it. Life is a duty... complete it . Life is a beauty ...admire it. Life is a promise...fulfill it. Life is...
  35. R

    Help Anong site na pang 1 month except sa vpnslit?

    Pa help po gawa sana ako ehi yong pang 1 month po , except sa vpnslit. May iba pabang site? Thanks in advance
  36. T

    Help Pa help po

    Mga lodi anung app po ginagamitan ng hpi Ktr Ovpn vpn Salamat po sana may makapansin Para hindi puro ijector n lang Salamat po
  37. I

    Lte network cant send and recieve sms only 3g can send

    Paano to ala switch to 3g phone ko ..palage nakka lte ..d ako maka send sms and revieve ...pag naka 3g lng maka send and recieve maka 3g lng ako pag tumawag ako
  38. S

    Smart Mga idol penge po payload na working ngayun

    Gagamitin kulang sa supremo thnx po ng madame .
  39. H

    Help Paymaya

    pagsame ba yung name na gamit sa paymaya hindi ba mabibigyan ng 100pesos?
  40. T

    About paymaya

    Good day mga ka-ts. Na receive ko na yung 100 ko sa sim na na register ko nung Feb.26 Pwede pa ba akong mag register ulit sa ibang mga sim ko para makakuha ng 100? Hanggang kailan ba talaga ang promo na to? Thanks.in advance
  41. J

    Help Paymaya free 100php

    Bakit po ba ayaw ma register na diba hanggang February 28 12am pa matatapos ang Event Nilang Free 100php . pero parang binlock ng Paymaya Ang Globe Telecom Mga Sim Nila .Ayaw na mag register ehh pero sa Smart nagana .
  42. L

    Lesson taught by life

    Don't break a bird's wings and tell it to fly Don't break a heart and then tell it to love.Don't break a soul and then tell it to be happy.Don't see the worst in a person and expect them to see the best in you.Don't judge people abd expect them to stand by your side.Don't play with fire...
  43. L

    Life tutorial

    If you're rejected -accept If you feel unloved -Let go If they choose someone or something over you - move on Remember that "In every No from someone, is a YES to someone better...." ~Professora Hakimi Kazumi Asianism
  44. L

    Friend keeper quotes

    "It's better to have a friend with 2 chins,than a friend with 2 faces":) ~Professora Hakimi Kazumi Asianism
  45. L

    The idealist quotes

    "Cheaters often accuse you of cheating. Liars often accuse you of lying. Insecure people often crumble your insecurity. Behavior speaks.... How someone treats you may have nothing to do with you,but can be a reflection of who they are." -Steve Maraboli ~Professora Hakimi Kazumi...
  46. L

    Globe & TM ehi New update ulit mga lodi pasok...

    https://dropmb.com/download/7e8459b507277cf7484b6dbb6d6ff307.html Low ping 2 depindi sa locatoin nyu. Must try... Pa feedback narin. Plz hit like....
  47. L

    Globe & TM ehi Update tayu mga lodi 3days config gamers pasok.

    https://dropmb.com/download/2fb434bb47ff37d2e093abf39641abed.html Try nyu nlang kung lowping sa inyu 79ms sa akin....... Plz hit like... Pa feedback narin thank you.
  48. L

    Globe & TM ehi Update ulit 02/11 for gamers w/ proof

    https://dropmb.com/download/b4502f6a6947e83835d02ab0e1021a8d.html Hit like plz thanks Pa comment sa feedback Proof
  49. R

    Help Patulong bout sa gs??

    mnga boss patulong nmn bakit dko ma on ang vpn ko sa Gs ? pag e continue ko babalik tlaga sa off ayaw mag on... tignan nyo ss ko .. salamat sa mka sagot