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Zte mf667 / Smart bro. ANYONE UNLOCK THIS?

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by rustygunz, May 9, 2013.

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  1. I have been searching for weeks and can not find one person or even a reply with a unlock for this usb internet stick. Its weird cause this is the one they are selling now in smart and has the most ability to get high speeds with a great price. Can anyone help me and the countless others and finally unlock this amazing 3g dongle? thanks. Post links Please..

    I would love to see this unlocked for the masses of pinoys asap..
    Love this site! thanks
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  2. Username00

    Username00 Enthusiast Established

    Search mo sa google dccrap.exe download.
  3. dccrap does not unlock the new zte mf667, i tried already.
  4. dc unlocker.naddteck xa need ng acnt dun d ko dn maunlock mf667 ko
  5. what? I cant understand your reply..
  6. dagz14

    dagz14 Enthusiast Established

    i think you cant find any unlocker yet, coz its the new modem stick from smart... but its weird my cousin got that mf667 stick then switch its original broadband sim into a regular prepaid sim, and then when my couz tried to connect it w/o a load... viola!! instant internet. i dont know if its bcoz of the modem stick or so, they dont even know how to apply some free browsing tricks..
  7. thats cool. i should try it :) ^
  8. dagz14

    dagz14 Enthusiast Established

    good luck(y)...by the way i tried it on my own just now and it works:X3: i didnt do anything i just connect/disconnect it repeatedly and wait for it to have internet access...

  9. what program are you using to connect with, also you own a mf667? what sim did you use, just a smart cell sim instead of the one that came with it?
  10. dagz14

    dagz14 Enthusiast Established

    i dont have mf667, but i tried to connect it using a different usb modem... yep i only use a regular smart cell sim
    here try this>> Please or Register to view links
    well for me it works with or w/o the program you just need a little patience:D ... but if you want an instant internet access goto the link i provided.. just post a message if you need help goodluck:happy:
  11. holy ish, I just put in a smart reg sim and it works~!!! thats friggin great :)
  12. The requested thread could not be found. naman boss
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