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Tutorial YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by yurirevenge, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Integrator), is the successor to our MultibootISOs. It can be used to create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive containing multiple operating systems, antivirus utilities, disc cloning, diagnostic tools, and more. Contrary to MultiBootISOs which used grub to boot ISO files directly from USB, YUMI uses syslinux to boot extracted distributions stored on the USB device, and reverts to using grub to Boot Multiple ISO files from USB, if necessary.

    Aside from a few distributions, all files are stored within the Multiboot or yumi folder (depending on version), making for a nicely organized Multiboot USB Drive that can still be used for other storage purposes.

    Important Note: YUMI was intended to be used to try to run various "LIVE Linux" Operating Systems from USB. Installing Linux from the YUMI created USB Drive to a Hard Drive is not officially supported. If the installer portion of any Live Linux distro does work, consider it a bonus.

    Creating a YUMI Multiboot MultiSystem Bootable USB Flash Drive
    YUMI works much like Universal USB Installer, except it can be used to install more than one distribution to run Live from your USB. Distributions can also be uninstalled using the same tool!
    YUMI's Main Multiboot Boot Menu
    YUMI- – June 17, 2015 – Changelog
    Update to support newer GRML 2014-11, CentOS 7, Clonezilla 2.4.2-10, and Ultimate Edition 4.

    Please or Register to view links Please or Register to view links
    YUMI for Windows MD5: 8EC05264B45E016D5C07A18CAF771AB9

    PLEASE READ: Syslinux 6+ is used in >YUMI Distributions installed with a previous YUMI version are not compatible. You must start with a freshly formatted USB. If you still experience missing com32/chain32 errors with freshly formatted USB using the latest YUMI revision, please report them.

    Linux Based YUMI Downloads:
    Note: As I find time, I am rewriting YUMI for Linux, so the Linux YUMI tool will dramatically change once it is finished.
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    How to Create a MultiBoot USB Flash Drive (Windows)
    1. Run* YUMI- following the onscreen instructions
    2. Run the tool again to Add More ISOs/Distributions to your Drive
    3. Restart your PC setting it to boot from the USB device
    4. Select a distribution to Boot from the Menu and enjoy!
    That's all there is to it. You should now be booting your favorite distributions from your custom Multi-Boot USB device!

    How It Works: YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) enables each user to create their own custom Multiboot UFD containing only the distributions they want, in the order by which they are installed. A new distribution can be added to the UFD each time the tool is run.

    If you run YUMI from the same location you store ISO files, they should be auto-detected (*See Known Issues Below), eliminating the need to browse for each ISO.

    Other Notes: If MultibootISOs was previously used, you must reformat the drive and start over. YUMI uses Syslinux directly, and chainloads to grub only if necessary, so it is not compatible with the older Multiboot ISO tool. Although I do plan to add back most of the capabilities of MultibootISOs as time permits.

    Not all Unlisted ISO's can be booted (thus adding Unlisted ISOs is an UNSUPPORTED option).

    Basic Essentials to create a MultiSystem Bootable USB Drive

    • Fat32 or *NTFS Formatted USB Flash or USB Hard Drive
    • PC that can boot from USB
    • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Ubuntu/Debian for the Linux version of YUMI to create the Bootable USB
    • YUMI-
    • Your selection of ISO Files
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