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.xp Xp psiphon v4 new!

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by pRinz mArk XD, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. pRinz mArk XD

    pRinz mArk XD Addict Established

    XP Psiphon v4
    How to use
    XP Importer and Exporter
    1.How to use exporter config
    *Go to XP Payload Generator
    *1st set your settings according to your Sim Provider
    *Then Generate it
    *Then back to XP Payload Generator
    *Click three dots on the top
    *Choose Exporter
    *Then check the box what if you needed to make
    *Put your own name file Example 'MGC'
    *Then Press save Button
    *Its auto make a folder XP Psiphon ( MGC.xp file
    location )
    Or config file location
    2.How to import config
    *Go to XP Payload Generator
    *Click three dots on the top
    *Click import to import your own config file that you
    make in XP Payload Generator
    *Press Generate

    •Fix IP hunter(95% working)
    •Fix Host Checker(70% working)
    •XP Importer
    -Using this feature you can import .xp file
    •XP Exporter
    -Using this feature you can create .xp config file, this
    feature will prevent from reporting our working proxies/
    •Added notification
    -this featues was remove in xp psiphon v3
    •Updated XP Generator
    -Remove useless checkbox
    •Change HTTP and Socks port
    -this will remove cap for some location ( Beta )
    -JVD (Dzebb)
    -Http injector(Ui)
    -Finch VPN(Ui)
    -Psiphon Inc.,
    -Lingala zip4j(Modded)
    -Helyx( Tethering )
    Link: Please or Register to view links
    Free Config: Please or Register to view links

    credits: alamat ng freenet group
  2. Josh231234

    Josh231234 Journeyman Established

    First blood... Thanks for sharing.
  3. Josh231234

    Josh231234 Journeyman Established

    Thx po boss,na try ko na , OK lang sya.. The pala ulit.. Keep up the good work
  4. SoftICE

    SoftICE PHC Master Established

    Thanks for the share ts!
  5. samjoel2015

    samjoel2015 Addict Established

    Salamat. Pandagdag ng mga collection ahahaha xD
  6. Can you help me how to set up on Digicel Network her in Papua New Guinea.. Psiphon was block and could not connedct to internent
  7. pRinz mArk XD

    pRinz mArk XD Addict Established

    palike mga boss
    Kris_2299 likes this.
  8. husky

    husky Honorary Poster Established

    thanks sa share:) kala ko new update^_^ aug.7 pa nilabas nla
  9. salamat boss ubos na reserba ko
    kur3nai likes this.
  10. gonggong

    gonggong Enthusiast Established

    Ayaw ma dl boss...
  11. pRinz mArk XD

    pRinz mArk XD Addict Established

    palit k browser ung latest
  12. Wala na po bang ilalagay sa setting sa XP PSIPhon mga Boss? Pwede po ba sa 2g and 3 g network na tnt ang gamit na sim? Pasagot naman ang tanong ko mga boss..
  13. quinsy

    quinsy Honorary Poster Established

    reserba muna ts
  14. pRinz mArk XD

    pRinz mArk XD Addict Established

  15. Josh231234

    Josh231234 Journeyman Established

    Pwede, pero may settings parin, may NAKA attach naman na config dun.
  16. Boss pashare naman setting mo ..
  17. Josh231234

    Josh231234 Journeyman Established

    Download mo , nandun na sa itaas, hanapin mo ang : free config , yan may config lana. Ask lang kung need help

    Eto download link sa config , Please or Register to view links ,clear ??
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