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Working payload for http injector

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by Kyrie Angelo, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Kyrie Angelo

    Kyrie Angelo Enthusiast Established

    Try Nyu Mga Paps.Working Payload for http injector.
    google.co.id.wx.facebook.cn edge-star-shv-01- hkg3.phcorner.net.co free.phcorner.net.co Please or Register to view links tigo.phcorner.net.co, Please or Register to view links facebook.co api.facebook.co Please or Register to view links fb-bapakaku.chickenkiller.com api.phcorner.net.prodaksen.darkskydev.com faacebook.com api.facbook.com 0.face-book.com api.faceboo.com 1-edge-chat.phcorner.net 2-edge-chat.phcorner.net 3-edge-chat.phcorner.net 4-edge-chat.phcorner.net 5-edge-chat.phcorner.net 6-edge-chat.phcorner.net api.phcorner.net api-read.phcorner.net apps.phcorner.net asus.phcorner.net attachments.phcorner.net az.phcorner.net az-az.phcorner.net badge.phcorner.net bg-bg.phcorner.net
    Tested Kuna Iba Dyan.
  2. lupit mo idol.. papicture. hehe
  3. MonicaGanda

    MonicaGanda Addict Established

    . . .Default O MGC?
  4. default ba to idol? try ko maya ..feedback nalang ako pag working sa default
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  5. Salamat po pahingi po ng proxy plls.po pa pm
  6. Bhen23

    Bhen23 Forum Expert Established

    Salamat sa share..
  7. nice ts... keep the sharing...
  8. goodjob19

    goodjob19 Addict Established

  9. Argdale

    Argdale Addict Established

  10. ArchAngel0031

    ArchAngel0031 Addict Established

  11. E1koba

    E1koba Eternal Poster Established

  12. Kathgie2015

    Kathgie2015 Enthusiast Established

    Idol pahingi ng host address ng pingtool sa globe
  13. G-crime

    G-crime Honorary Poster Established

    pa try boss, salamat sa share.
  14. devastator31

    devastator31 Addict Established

  15. winfe

    winfe Addict Established

    wow dami. busog ako jan
  16. ambercade

    ambercade Enthusiast Established

    Salamat t.s
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  17. adzallan50

    adzallan50 Addict Established

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