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Globe & TM Working parin yung payload nato

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by Reymart09, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Reymart09

    Reymart09 Addict Established

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  2. Reymart09

    Reymart09 Addict Established

    Visit tcpvpn.com or any ssh sites

    Tapos choose only U.S.A. server

    Tapos yung remote proxy konin mo sa squid proxy sa mismong sites

    Dapat U.S.A. din yung piliin mong squid proxy
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  3. Thanks for sharing
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  4. markcamba

    markcamba Addict Established

  5. salamat sir...
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  6. Thanks for sharing
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  7. salamat dito boss :)
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  8. numluck08

    numluck08 Forum Veteran Established

    pang usa lang boss
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  9. Thanks sa share
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  10. Reymart09

    Reymart09 Addict Established

    Try nyu din ibang server

    Pero i use U.S.A. server

    It up to you
  11. pa help sir bat ganto?

    [9:30 PM] Status: 200 (Connection established) Successful - The action requested by the client was successful.

    [9:30 PM] Problem in SSH connection thread during connecting - There was a problem while connecting to

    hindi na po ako makagawa ng ehi
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  12. archiebeley

    archiebeley Enthusiast Established

    Tnx ts.. Keep sharing.
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  13. Reymart09

    Reymart09 Addict Established

    Change ur remote proxy
    Dapat yung port 80 or 8080 or 3128
  14. not working pang psipon lang ata to. btw thanks padin.
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  15. tribay

    tribay Enthusiast Established

    Naka spoiler pala dko makita....
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  16. andytheboy

    andytheboy Enthusiast Established

    ano injection method mo ts?
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  17. Reymart09

    Reymart09 Addict Established


    Online host
    Forward host
    Keep alive
    Reverse proxy (optional)

    Then generate
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