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Working pa sakin to..baka din sa inyo

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by pricevince1984, Sep 8, 2016.

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  1. Eto mga boss.share ko lang eto gamit ko ngayon..
  2. asananay

    asananay Eternal Poster Established

    Alin wala naman brotha...
    pricevince1984 likes this.
  3. Wow ang galiny boss. Hehe nasan??
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  4. vans21

    vans21 Addict Established

  5. Invisble yun.hahaha
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  6. G-crime

    G-crime Honorary Poster Established

    yan ba gamit mo ngayon, yan din gamit ko ngayon, hahaha.
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  7. angelup

    angelup Addict Established

    Ayus mahirap yan katayin
    pricevince1984 likes this.
  8. yhanix123

    yhanix123 Addict Established

    saan di ko makita
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  9. shintaro15

    shintaro15 Enthusiast Established

  10. westraxx

    westraxx Enthusiast Established

    Ang bilisssssss!""!!!
    1000 horse power va to
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  11. Dejz00

    Dejz00 Honorary Poster Established

    Surrender na ts
    pricevince1984 likes this.
  12. GodofFury

    GodofFury Enthusiast Established

    thanks ts haha ang bilis neto hindi na to makakatay
    pricevince1984 likes this.
  13. macolitkulit

    macolitkulit Addict Established

    sigurado di yan makakatay!
    pricevince1984 likes this.
  14. eson_640

    eson_640 Addict Established

    thanks for sharing boss hehe

    working po talaga yan....gamit ko din yan hehe
    pricevince1984 likes this.
  15. ooohcea

    ooohcea Enthusiast Established

  16. pamote26

    pamote26 Enthusiast Established

    Nakalagay sa tags
    pricevince1984 likes this.
  17. jaynner

    jaynner Honorary Poster Established

    Ganyan para di makatayan hahaha
  18. jUr_Em

    jUr_Em Addict Established

    Ibigsabihin kaya walang nka lagay Jan kc wala kanang payload? Ako meron pa e
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