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Windows not genuine

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Emciipot, May 6, 2016.

  1. Hello guys!

    Can anyone help? Pano po ba maayos toh: Windows not genuine?
    Ang slow na kasi ni Laptop, tsaka po I am hoping a cheaper way to resolve this ayaw ko muna ipa-reformat sa technician :D baka kasi matulungan niyo pa po ako.

    Hoping for someone to help, super thanks in advance :D
  2. download ka 7 loader by orbit or by daz (y)
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  3. Thank you sa response :D try ko po
  4. welcome po bossing (y)
  5. Windows 7 Loader v2.2.2 By Daz – Free Download Now

    This Please or Register to view links application has been used by many people throughout the world to activate Win 7 successfully. The tool can activate most Win seven editions permanently and more safely.

    The loader is suitable for all versions of Win 7, Vista, Server 2008, and Server 2008 R2. It’s also compatible with Win 7 SP1 and all system updates and it will run on Please or Register to view links.

    The unique thing about this âctïvatôr is that all the key parts of the exploit are encrypted with a custom encryption. The exploit runs before the system started up so it’s harder for Microsoft to prevent. It pâtches all necessary tables making activation look authentic and every user has a unique version of the exploit installed on his/her system.

    Update: Please or Register to view links

    The Latest Win 7 âctïvatôr v2.2.2 Features
    • Can be run as a standalone application
    • Works well with all system languages
    • No core system files get modified
    • No extra processes are run so you have nothing eating at your RAM
    • Custom OEM information can be installed
    • Argument support for silent installs
    • Can be used for pre-activation
    • Application integrity checking
    • Custom error handling
    • Support for hidden partitions and complex setups
    • Can work alongside Linux’s GRUB or any other boot manager
    • Works with TrueCrypt and many other types of hard drive encryption applications
    • Add your own certificates and serials externally
    • Offers certificate and serial installation only for users with an existing SLIC 2.1
    • Automated system profiling (The application matches everything up for you)

    How to Use Windows Loader v2.2.2 (latest version)?
    The following are the full instructions on where to download and how to use the Windows âctïvatôr v2.2.2:

    1. Install the operating system – OS (Don’t enter the product key and just click Next to proceed during installation until finished).
    2. Turn off any anti-virus on your PC before download or install the program. Normally you can do this by right-clicking the antivirus icon on the system tray and choose disable.
    3. Please or Register to view links
    4. Use the compression tool like Winzip or WinRAR to unzip the file to your computer desktop.
    5. Right-click the Windows Loader.exe and select ‘Run as administrator’.
    6. Click Yes from the pop-up screen and you will see the following screen:
    7. Please or Register to view links
    8. In the Installation tab, click the “Install” button.
    9. Wait for the program to execute and click on OK to reboot.
    Some optional steps before click the Install button on the Installation tab:

    • Click on Profile tab.
    • Choose Matching SLIC and Certificate (Dell, MSI, etc)
    • Choose Serial (Serial must match your OS version)
  6. Windows 7 âctïvatôr | Windows 7 Loader | Windows 7 Loader by Daz

    Windows 7 âctïvatôr | Windows 7 Loader | Windows 7 Loader by Daz
    Windows 7 âctïvatôr allows you to fully activate your windows 7 and enables all of its features within minutes. All you need to do is, click on Activate button and restart your PC, it’ll make your windows 7 – a genuine one. Our developers work hard to keep the Please or Register to view links updated to the latest version. Newest Version is Windows 7 Loader v.2.2.2 by Daz. Here are the instructions on how to use it:

    Installation Instructions

    • Make sure to disable your Antivirus program First! (Otherwise, Windows 7 âctïvatôr cannot apply registry pâtch and activation will fail!)
    • Download Windows 7 âctïvatôr: Please or Register to view links
    • Run and Install.
    • Reboot your PC to finish the permanent activation.
    • Enjoy!


      Please or Register to view links

      Its really hard to find a working Windows 7 Loader without getting infected with viruses and malware. Since most of them are outdated ages ago as well as unable to bypass Microsoft’s latest security update that preventing windows from offline activation process. Microsoft daily update the security hotfixes so most of the ©râck makers giveup after few security pâtches as it requires alot of effort to keep an updated âctïvatôr.

      Please or Register to view links is a piece of software that’s used by millions of people worldwide, well known for passing Microsoft’s WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) and is arguably the safest Windows activation exploit ever created.

      Most of the âctïvatôrs, available online are fake apps which are spreading viruses, këÿlôggêrs and other hâckïng type softwares. That is the reason for no virus scan report comes with their tools.

      But here our expert developers work 24×7 to keep the Windows 7 Loader Download working by constantly updating it to bypass Microsoft’s WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) and is arguably the safest Windows activation exploit ever developed. We allow you to access it for free as we support the free application distribution. Here you can see the report of our Windows 7 âctïvatôr scanned by virustotal website.

      Please or Register to view links

      Features of Windows 7 âctïvatôr:
      • Windows 7 Loader âctïvatôr by Daz Team supports both 32 and 64-bit systems.
      • It is working for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and all system updates.
      • It is working for all system languages.
      • Windows 7 Loader can also be useful to pre-activate Windows.
      • You can add your own serials externally and certificates.
      • Windows 7 âctïvatôr will not modify or harm any files used by the system.
      • It even runs before the Windows OS is launched.
      • No extra processes will be running so you don’t have to worry about eating at your RAM.
      • All key parts of this loader application are encrypted.
      • Every user will be having a unique version of the loader application installed on his or her computer system.
      What is Permanent Activation?

      Most of the other Windows 7 âctïvatôrs simply modify only the windows registry files, so after the restarting of the PC , many of these activation details will be deleted. So, the windows activation only exists until you restart your PC.

      Please or Register to view links

      But, with our advanced Please or Register to view links again. With our Microsoft’s WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) decryption and modification technology it’s possible to permanently activate any version of windows 7 within just a few seconds. The application itself injects a SLIC (System Licensed Internal Code) into your system before Windows boots; this is what fools Windows into thinking it’s genuine.

      Noob Friendly Interface
      Most of the windows users haven’t even heard about windows registry files. So our developers have made the activation process even easier by just clicking one button. All you have to do is click on “Install” button in Windows 7 Loader by Daz. If you face any problems during activation, feel free to contact us via email: help@7âctïvatôr.com and we’re happy to help you.

      No need to be Online to Activate

      Now you don’t even need an internet connection to activate the windows 7 with Windows 7 Loader. This offline loader âctïvatôr modifies the registry to enable you to permanently activate windows without connecting to Microsoft activation servers.

      Windows 7 Loader âctïvatôr by Daz Support these Operating Systems:
      • Windows 7 Ultimate
      • Windows 7 Ultimate E
      • Windows 7 Professional
      • Windows 7 Professional E
      • Windows 7 Home Premium
      • Windows 7 Home Premium E
      • Windows 7 Home Basic
      • Windows 7 Starter
      • Windows 7 Starter E
      • Windows Vista Ultimate
      • Windows Vista Business
      • Windows Vista Business N
      • Windows Vista Home Premium
      • Windows Vista Home Basic
      • Windows Vista Home Basic N
      • Windows Vista Starter
      • Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
      • Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (Without Hyper-V)
      • Windows Server 2008 Foundation
      • Windows Server 2008 Standard
      • Windows Small Business Server 2008
      • Windows Storage Server 2008 Standard
      • Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials
      • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
      • Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation
      • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
      • Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter
      • Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard
      • Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials
      • Windows Home Server 2011
      • Windows Server 2012 Standard
      • Windows Server 2012 Essentials
      • Windows Server 2012 Foundation
      • Windows Server 2012 Datacenter
      • Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard
      • Windows Storage Server 2012 Workgroup
      • Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Standard
      • Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Premium
      Note: You should have build 7600 or greater for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
      Note: This may not work with the Windows 7 E editions.
      Note: Windows 7 N versions will only be activated when OEM SLP serials leak

      Please or Register to view links
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  7. Kmspico ata mas madali ahaha
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    patry din..

    papalitan poba ung letter para madownload?thanks
  9. Ninjakitty

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    ayaw ma download huhuhu
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