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Tutorial Wimax config pâtch bm622 to bm622i to bm622m

Discussion in 'WiMAX, DSL Modems' started by imbz, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. REMINDER: Hindi huh aking tuts na ito gusto ko lang ibahagi ito sa inyo para malaman kung paano ito gawin at tsaka please basahin ng mabuti yung description para iwas tanung ng tanung (y)

    Credit to Blogmytuts for this tutorial (y)​

    For Advance Config:

    #Config Tweaks (Advance level) Definitely NOT for beginners.

    Config Tweaking

    -To avoid blank WAN cause by other users.
    -Prevents your MAC from being stolen.
    -Ease of use, say bye bye to Password generators.
    -Theoretically blocks the FWD (Firmware Destroyer)
    Tweaking your modem's config is dangerous and risky, it might render your modem useless or brick it so proceed with caution.
    Continuing through this process means that you're willing to take the risk and possibly suffer the consequence of bricking your modem.
    Try at your own risk!

    Lets start..
    Login to your modem's GUI as admi
    Steps 1.
    • Log-in to the Web-Based Utility (Administrator)
    • How to get admin password Please or Register to view links for admin password tool
    Step 2
    • Click Advance - ACL
    • Then Unchek WAN
    • Click Apply
    Step 3

    • Click Maintain - Device - Please or Register to view links
    • Then click Please or Register to view links
    • Click Advance Download Configuration file
    Screen shoot:


    Step 4
    • Rename file extension with this format Please or Register to view links
    Why we rename it ?
    To edit and see color coded script if you down want to change file extension format just open with WORDPAD

    Example Screen shoot:
    Step 5

    Edit each downloaded config downloadconfigfile and downloadcarconfigfile.

    Edit the default user:user login and make it a admin user so you don't need to genearte password from MAC address . Just change userlevel 2 the default is 1
    Fallows the Screen shoot below


    You can also edit telnet user and password here. ( you can notice its color coded because i change the file extension to .xml)
    If you want to edit PACKAGE DATE just look below the config find similar to date and edit it

    SAVE them after edit
    Screen Shoot:


    • Go to Maintain - Device - Advance
    • Then click Browse and locate the file that you editdownloadcarconfigfile.xml
    • Click Upload Default Configuration File
    • Go to Maintain - Device- Configuration
    • Then clic Browse and locate the file that you edit downloadconfigfile
    See Image below :



    Update :

    I have Config pâtch Here ,Free to Download
    This one is already in Admin Full Control so you don't have to used Password Generator to access advance GUI , WAN is also disabled to avoid remote user.

    Admin User: blogmytuts
    Password: blogmytuts





    Please or Register to view links

    Select Package Date and Model

    Bm622 Package Date 2009 Please or Register to view links Please or Register to view links

    BM622 Package Date 2010 Please or Register to view links

    BM625 Please or Register to view links

    Bm622i Package Date 2010 Please or Register to view links

    For BM622i - Change NAI USER and PASS in security


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  5. arfbig

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    to na sana kailangan nang tabo ko sir tnx for sharing sir.....
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    sir ang lumalabas lang sa tabo ko RESET at FIRMWARE lang ala yung advance at configuration sir ano kayang mali....help naman po....
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    boss pwede ba ito sa bm22i 2011?
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