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Android App WifiAccess WPS WPA WPA2 v2.4 pâtched

Discussion in 'Android Applications' started by - Beerus -, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. WifiAccess WPS WPA WPA2 v2.4 pâtched
    Requirements: 4.0+ | ROOT
    Overview: Try WifiAccess to check the security level of your network.
    The difference between this application and WPSPinGenerator is not allowing brute force attacks for WPS pin or ©râcking WPA handshake.


    Without ROOT permissions:
    - Audit networks generating default passphrase
    - Receive wifi passwords from another phone (using WifiAccess or Web Browser)
    With ROOT permissions:
    - Audit networks generating default WPS PIN. (Get any passphrase if the PIN is correct)
    - Create wifi networks backup (incremental)
    - Share wifi passwords from Android to another devices (Computer, Android, etc)

    You must have a rooted device before you can use this application.
    By the help of this application, you can see what ROOT means, how to root a device, the risks of rooting your Android, etc

    Its functions are:
    - Check the security level of wireless network (providing WPA or WPA2 passphrase in seconds)
    - Recover all saved wifi passphrases in Android
    - Connect to a network using the passphrase or the PIN (WPS)
    - Decrypt and encrypt stored passwords. Decrypt wifi password stored in wpa_supplicant (like Samsung s4)
    - Real-time graph of the signal strength from the wireless access point while during the audit process
    - From version 1.13 you can select manually the PIN to test WPS connect.
    - Create incremental backup and restore all wifi networks saved on Android phone
    - Share wifi networks via wifi (You can share all passwords with browser or WifiAccess)

    Supported networks (routers) and implemented algorithms:



    VodafoneXXXX (WPS PIN y EasyBox generator)
    Orange-XXXX (WPS PIN EasyBox generator PIN)
    FTE-XXXX (WPS PIN FTE generator PIN)
    WLAN_XXXX (WPS PIN y WPAMagicKey y WPSPin generator)
    WLANXXXXXX (wlan4xx)
    WiFiXXXXXX (wlan4xx)
    YacomXXXXXX (wlan4xx)
    ADB/Telekom - In progress
    Arcadyan (WPA default kêÿgên) compatible con:
    - Arcor
    - EasyBox
    - Vodafone
    WPS PIN DLink

    Alicebox 1121 - Siemens S1621-Z220-A - In progress

    PIRELLI Alice - In progress

    Huawei (mac2wpakey)

    Telekom (mac2wpakey)

    FastWeb Routers Wi-Fi - In progress
    TouchStone Arris DG860A (WPS PIN)
    Belkin (WPS PIN)

    Work in progress: PixieWPS on Android

    Terms and conditions of use

    1 You must accept the terms before using this application.

    1.1 This tool has been created in order to help you to check the security level of your own wireless network. It's strictly forbidden to use this tool to decrypt foreign networks without owner's permission.

    1.2 You agree to use this application only for lawful purposes in accordance with the laws and exclusively for the purposes described in (1.1).

    1.3 Important: As the creator of this tool i'm not responsible for any misuse of it.

    1.4 You will not manipulate and/or spreading the source code of this application.

    Privacy Policy

    This software uses the wireless adapter of the device to display or change its status according to the orders received by the user:
    - Scan wireless networks
    - Show all scanned networks
    - Recover wireless stored passwords on the device
    - Download and read the database of known networks

    All information to which access this application does not leave the device in any case.


    Version 2.4
    - WPS Pin for router TG862G (Mexico)
    Version 2.3:
    Fixed bugs:
    - Fixed rule of SSID checker (algorithm wlan4xx)
    - Other small bugs fixed
    Version 2.2:
    Bugs fixed:
    - Scanning network without Beacons
    - Cleaning PINs between different tests
    - Show and copy PINs without ROOT -> long press on the list of scanned networks
    - Rounding percentage without decimals (signal)

    This app has no advertisements

    More Info:

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    Download Instructions: credits Belii81
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  2. bogz15

    bogz15 Addict Established

    Sino n po nka try n2?
  3. Thanks for sharing :)
  4. maraming salamat po sa pag bahagi nito saamin (y)
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