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Why MSI Gaming Notebooks are Better than Others?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bellamendoza0509, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. When looking for gaming notebooks, gamers usually check firstly types of games they play and then check which mobile graphics cards could satisfy the gaming effects they desire. After thorough survey and taking all aspects into considerations, including budget, it’s going to be a bummer when they find the model they finally make up their mind to purchase does not have the graphics card they are looking for.
    So we would like to suggest another way to start your ideal gaming notebook hunt: always start your product survey from MSI gaming notebooks. The reason this will make it much easier is because MSI offers comprehensive graphics card choices of gaming notebooks. Check below table and you can find that MSI gaming notebooks offer grahics card choice from mobile GTX980 grahics with desktop performance level and with MXM SLI SKU, GTX980M and GTX980M SLI, to the basic GTX950M DDRs SKU (Table.1). You don’t need to compromise to choose the second best solution on your list or unexpectedly raise your budget, all because the notebook company you want to go with does not have what you want.
    Table.1 MSI Gaming Series SKU on Graphics Cards
    However, what MSI offers is not just the CPU or the GPU, even though these two factors are the first two all users will be focusing on when looking for an ideal gaming notebook. What MSI focuses on is the overall gaming experience. Therefore, MSI develops various gaming features based on five important criteria that having a great gaming experience requires: performance, visuals, sound, control and strêâmïng (pic.1). MSI gaming features on its gaming notebooks not only delivers more than expected sensational gaming experience, but also offers up to 2,600 USD added market value to its product (pic.2).

    Pic.1 MSI Notebook Gaming Features

    Pic.2 MSI Gaming Feature Added Market Value on GT80 Titan SLI
  2. Ang mahal naman kasi xD pinakamura yung 36k :3
  3. It's worthy naman po kasi :3
  4. worth* yeap. I remember having one, 500mb ram and dual-core but id remember the processor but its really fast and i've never experienced lag using that laptop, it's not even a gaming laptop just the classic one way back in 2010. IMO their processors are next in line to apple's.
  5. Oh really? May I know what model? :) Are you still using it until now?
  6. nalimutan ko na e, pero may finger sensor sya sa may touchpad. Mabilis sya, dapat lang kasi ang mahal xD. New na laptop gamit ko ngayon, acer 17k 2gb ram 1tb rom quadcore 1.86 ghz, pero kung ikukumpara dun sa 28k ko na msi dati, mas mabilis parin yun. Kaso di ko na nagagamit, hiniram kasi yun dati dinala sa ibang bansa at ayun di na nakabalik :(, pero siguro pag nag sale ulit or maglabas sila ng factory price ng msi laptop baka bumili ulit kami.
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