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why is she not texting back?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Yours, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Why is she not texting back?

    1. Maybe she is in the toilet.


    2. She might be reading her favourite book or magazine in the toilet, okay maybe she is not in the toilet.

    3. Maybe she is taking a bath, maybe the kind of hot long baths they show in the môviês.

    4. She might have asked a stupid friend for advice who might have said that if she replied too quickly she would look desperate, okay cool.


    5. She might be sleeping, I mean she might have been out with her friends all night long and might be


    6. She is ignoring me, she better not be. I mean I was really nice to her and that’s about as nice as I get.

    7. What did I do wrong to deserve this? Did all the girls I didn’t text back feel the same way?

    8. Boy, now I just feel like a douche, I mean how could I?


    9. Should I send her an email or a voice message? Nah, then I’d just look desperate also my coarse voice might scare her.

    10. She thinks I am a serial killer, damn I shouldn’t have told her that I watch Dexter!

    11. Maybe I should go over to her place and ask her if she thinks I am a serial killer.[​IMG]

    12. Okay I am over her. No, I am not over her.

    13. I think it was just a onetime thing for her, she is probably seeing some new guy, right now.

    14. Maybe she is hooking up with her Ex; I mean they had a past together.[​IMG]

    15. I think she wants my attention and she wants me to drool over her and yearn for her attention.

    16. Is this girl for real? I mean how could she take so much pleasure out of my situation?

    17. Okay lady, you have my attention now, please stop this.

    18. I should probably stop thinking about her, I will go visit Jake, that will be good. It will get my mind off things.

    19. She must be a gold digger, and since I am not rich, no attention shall be given to me.

    20. What’s wrong with women nowadays? They wouldn’t be able to see a good man if he smacked them in the face.

    21. Is it because of my Irish Accent? Yeah it must be because of my accent.

    22. This woman is getting a laugh out of my desperate situation; I’ll give her something to laugh at. I am going to send her a strong worded text message! Ah, no I am not.
    23. She is not interested in me at all but how could she not be? I mean, I am awesome!

    24. Oh, her phone might be silent! (Man I still hate it when she puts her phone on silent). Please or Register to view links

    25. She has no feelings.

    26. Wow! She has got some attitude.

    27. A friend might have called her for advice; she seemed pretty much in touch with her emotional side. I mean she was intelligent, smart and interesting. Wait, what am I doing?

    28. She might have fainted, she seemed so fragile. Maybe I should go over to check in on her just in case.

    Please or Register to view links

    29. She might have caught the flu and is probably sleeping. I hope she gets well soon. I kind of miss her.

    30. She told me one of her best friends was getting married in ten days; she might be planning a bridal shöwër a bachelorette party or something for her.

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    31. Maybe she didn’t like my beard; she didn’t seem like a woman who would have kink for hairy men. It’s not my fault that I was born hairy.

    32. Man I knew I shouldn’t have taken her to that restaurant. It is kind of cheap but the food is so good!

    She contacted me herself a few days later over Facebook and asked me if I would like to go as her date to her friend’s wedding. Turns out I forgot, to give her my number. Also, I didn’t mention my name and she doesn’t reply strangers.

  2. BeChay

    BeChay Eternal Poster Established

    baka wala lang load :ROFLMAO:
  3. kano kasi ang author nito kaya di sila taghirap sa load :hilarious::hilarious:
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